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Hi, I'm Ashu

Your spiritual business coach helping you

get to the next level of your business ✨

In 2019, I had manifested a college that I loved, but with a hefty price tag attached for which I manifested a scholarship. 

But maintaining that scholarship made me drop out of all my co-curricular activities & one day a teacher said to me, "This scholarship feels more like a burden on your shoulders"

That hit me & I thought, if I could make 300k in one year & pay my own fees, I wouldn't need this damn scholarship. I could then do whatever I want.

So with 0 sources of income,  that 18-year-old version of me set out to make 300k in one year! In September 2020, I decided to start my own business & in 4 months, I hit my first 6 figure month!

I'm the person for you if you want the reasoning behind doing things in your business & not blindly follow the crowd. If you want to show up as the empowered AF version of yourself using Human Design & intention, I can already tell you we're going to have fun!

~ Work with Me ~

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Next Level Biz Activation [1:1]

A 12-week coaching container for spiritual entrepreneurs who what to scale & expand their business with a business model that aligns with their energy! 

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