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Magic Wand Call

Personalize your business strategy with a 1:1 call


Magic Wand Call

This is a 1:1 coaching call with Ashu where she will dive deep into the problems you are facing in your business & give you strategies that aligns with the way you work to get you the best results

This is for you if...

✔ You know a lot of strategies but feel overwhelmed 

✔ You want customized support for your business

​✔ You want someone to guide you through the process & explain you both energy + practical side of things

What you get...

✔ A 45/60 minute strategy call

✔ A recording of the session within 2 business days

​✔ A social media audit + personalized strategy for your business

⬇ This is possible for you 

You helped me discover something new about myself!

A mind opener for content ideas!

You helped me not self-sabotage!

There were so many unforgettable moments during the call but the best of all is you helped me discover something new about myself, Jaise today I know why I have a problem speaking about myself though I thought I worked on it! I have so many downloads rn, about the spreads, about the reels about the content I want to post. I want to embody the energy of being me, that's it. I feel like I have been trying to define who I am and defining which my ego has always created contradicting energy. Now I embody myself, my thoughts, my feelings, and everything I want to speak up about.

I needed to process our call a little more before I could say anything but I realised that the shift in perspective in terms of selling out you helped me with is so vital for me moving forward. Without it, I feel like I might've sabotaged things for myself if I didn't think of it as a good thing.

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