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Batch Your Content

Become consistent at posting content with BYC


Batch Your Content

A 4-module course to help you nail down your consistency strategy to show up more regularly on Instagram with lesser effort & time! It includes all the free tools you can use to do the same

Rs. 1.250

This is for you if...

✔ You've been trying to stay consistent on Instagram

✔ You have content ready but by the time it has to be posted something turns your mood off 

​✔ You have loads of ideas but don't know which one to post first

What you get...

✔ 4  Video Modules

✔ 2 Bonus Video Modules

​✔ Tutorial of how to use Asana [Free management tool] to streamline your batching process

Module #1

Consistency Goals

Did you know consistency looks different for everyone? In this module we figure out what it looks like for you

Call #3

Batching Process

This is where the actual process of batching will be covered to help to schedule posts using free tools

Call #2

Content Alignment + Ideas

This module will help you create your idea-collection in alignment with your brand & values

Call #4

Forgetting Sh*t

Once everything is done, this module will help you focus on the activities that are actually important for your business

⬇ This is possible for you 

Got sold out within 30 minutes!

10 decks booked even before pre-launch!

10k/ month to 10k in 10 days to 20k in 10 days!

I want to share my win with you. I posted 10 pendants on sale yesterday and got all sold out in half an hour! Plus I got 19 more orders for it so I'm now restocking it.

You know what! The launch plans you give are so legit. I have not even pre-launched yet and 10 decks are booked!

From 10k/month to 10k in 10 days to more than 20k in 10 days! Your strtegies are so good!

Way more people want to enroll than I aimed for!

From 30k/ month to guaranteed 6 figures!

Okay, something crazy happened! And I want you to be the first to know because it was you who guided. I just sold out in just 6 hours. I mean it's crazy. I was aiming for 10 people and way more people want to enroll! Thank you sooo much Ashu!

Last month, we were 2-3k away from 6 figures. This month I know we will make it to 6 figures as well. But saynig this as well is such a big deal when I started from 30k/month just a few months ago!

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