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Client Attraction

Learn how to attract clients in 7-days


7-Day Client Attraction 

A 7-day course on how to attract, sustain and convert your leads into clients. This involved strategies of how to connect with clients & how to create content for your product/service launch

Rs. 1,250

This is for you if...

✔ You have been launching new offers, but still, no one is buying

✔ You are posting consistently but still not making sales

​✔ You have all these followers but they just don't become your clients and you keep hearing *no I'm not interested*

What you get...

✔ 7 audio modules

✔ 1 PDF on how to create your stories

​✔  1 PDF on message templates to connect with followers

​✔ EFT tapping video to overcome impostor syndrom

Day #1

Big Picture

Day 1 will be all about creating a bigger vision for your business and how to stop playing small

Day #3


Day 3 is about how to set goals and how to build a community where your followers actually want to buy 

Day #5

Mindset Work

Day 5 is about money beliefs, things that scare and how to know your audience better 

Day #7


Day 7 is about upleveling & actually going full force into your business instead of holding yourself back

Day #2

HSC method

Day 2 will include the marketing strategy that I use to get sales + we will cover how to tackle limiting beliefs

Day #4

Doing the work

Day 4 is about posting your first story from the HSC method. Facebook marketing is also covered in this

Day #6

Client Scripting 

Day 6 is about writing love letters and you will get clarity about your ideal clients so that you can sell better


2 PDFs

Everything that is explained in the audios is also given in 2 pdfs with examples so that you can apply it

⬇ This is possible for you 

Super successful launch! Completely sold out!

20 people joined my Bootcamp! You're the best business coach out there!

I now know how to launch my course!

The card launch was super successful! all my decks are sold out in a week! I am so grateful to have you.

After our hook, story and close strategy I figured out how to launch my course now and I'll be launching it right away. Thank you soo much.

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