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Intentional Business


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Intentional Business 


This is a 2-month long sacred circle where like-minded women come together to uplevel their business. This includes 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and the Intentional Business Creation course including 7 modules 

This is for you if...

✔ You have reached a certain point in your business but want to uplevel

✔ You want to surround yourself with like-minded women who empower you

​✔ You want to feel supported in your business & collaborate with others

What you get...

✔ 8 calls [ 45 minutes each] per week

✔ 8 group calls [1 each week] to share wins, get coached & catch up 

​✔ 7-module course to create an intentionally aligned business

⬇ This is possible for you 

Finally able to understand and connect!

Mind blown!!🤯🤯

So thrilling and such a beautiful experience!

I loved the module. I love the part of the module expaining intentional and business. And how you combined those two and also the quantum leaping part. That made so much sense and I was finally able to understand and connect when you embody your future self that is you essentially choosing to quantum leap.

Ashu, you just blew my mind in the 1st module itself. Like, how can a person be so magical every single time. When I saw the module, I was like "woah! Quantum Leap!" How did I know about it and still wasn't aware of it.

When I did the meditation, I was completely mindblown. The messages which came through were so thrilling for. It was such a beautiful experience I had with my business as a being. I could relate better to it. I had so many freaking realizations all at once. I'm going to go back to this meditation every time I'd feel misaligned. Thanks a ton for this meditation too.

I've never handled things like this is my business!

You made me level up!

So freakinggg good!

I loved the workbook. It surfaced so many patterns and things that I was completely unaware of. The the meditation was a bit heavy (in a good way). It was a really beautiful experience. I'm becoming more conscious and intentional with things that I do in my business. It's crazy for me too. Because I've never handled things in my business like this before.

So I did the second module prompts before we did the call. It brought a lot of things to light. Something that I already knew but wasn't implementing. The prices that I updated on my page were somehow connected. I knew my services were worth how much I put it as but I couldn't accept it within. Why? because I likes playing small. Leveling up is scary. And I didn't want to go there.

You literally filled module 4 with so much of triggers and breakthroughs all at once. My hands are literally painting now. I literally journaled 10+ pages till now. And still, I'm barely halfway through the workbook. This is sooooo freaking good.

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