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PMER Masterclass

Plan your business goals with the PMER method


PMER Masterclass

A 1-hour long masterclass on how to plan out your business financial goals & reach them with marketing techniques. It also includes how you can make changes in your existing plans and evaluate them.

Rs. 1,111

This is for you if...

✔ You are scared of setting money goals in your business

✔ You have been trying to set money goals but not reaching them

​✔ You create plans for your business but when you have to change them it feels very annoying

What you get...

✔ 1 hour-long masterclass 

✔ The PMER method of setting goals

​✔ Guided meditation to open yourself up to a new level of income & business growth

Module #1


Learn why you need to set goals and how to do it the right way so that you don't disappoint yourself.

Module #3

Marketing Plan

This is the section  where I teach you how you can actually make those goals seem possible with marketing

Module #5


Once you evaluate what worked and what didn't, you will learn how to make the necessary changes for your next plan to make it better

Module #2

Planning Your Goals

In this section of the masterclass, I share how I plan my goals for myself & how you can personalize that.

Module #4


It is important that you evaluate all the plans that you make. In this section, I teach you how you can evaluate


Guided Meditation

In the masterclass, you also get a guided meditation to uplevel yourself

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