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4 Reasons Why Decluttering Can Help You to Manifest!

Do you feel that your manifestations are out there but they just can't reach to you? Like you can see them by seeing other people have them, but when it comes to manifesting it into your reality, you feel stuck. Here's a reason why you might feel so - your energetic space is too filled up & there is no room for abundance to come in.

This blog post covers the top 4 reasons why you should declutter today to speed up your manifestations. If you want a guide on how to declutter, I have two free resources on my website: The minimalism guide & the guide to decluttering.

Minimalism guide will help you to make room in your physical surroundings whereas the Guide to Decluttering will help you do go through 5 days of digital decluttering!

🧹Reason #1: Makes Space Energetically

This is going to be the top one on every list. Just think of your energetic space, through which you call in your desires into your reality, like your living room. If you fill your living room with a big couch, TV, loads of newspapers, a big table and all the other things that could possibly fit in. Would you be able to bring a new TV/couch without moving the old one out??

Similarly, if you fill your energetic space up with limiting beliefs, stories from the past, etc. you won't be able to make space for beautiful things to come into your life. So by making space in your physical environment you make space in your energetic environment. Read the next reason to know-how.

🧹Reason #2: Helps to Move on From Past

Do you still have the gifts your first ex gave you or the things you bought when you were fangirling over a boyband you don't even listen to anymore?

It is necessary to clear out what doesn't serve you anymore. While decluttering you might realize that you still aren't over the person you were in a relationship with, in 8th grade. This might make you put your defences up but have patience. Embrace it. Everyone goes through this. It is okay! Journal about those things and how you feel about them. Do you think you are ready to let go of them? If no, why not? This also provokes a mental declutter.

🧹Reason #3: Inspires Creativity

If you're facing a creative block, you need to shift things around. Do you feel very inspired when you see something new? Similarly, if you switch up the environment you are in right now, you will trigger your brain to see something new. This can be something as simple as moving the position of the applications on your phone or your wallpaper, or as big as purchasing a new bed.

While clearing out things, you might come across stuff that made you feel extremely happy at a point of time. That feeling might bring back the ideas you wanted to work on back then but couldn't for some reason.

🧹Reason #4: Allows Prioritization

I know it is very difficult to let go of things. Especially gifts and cards. I might not be a person suitable to write this blog post one year ago because I even kept the gift wrappers of the gifts I received.

But now, I learned how to prioritize and know what things to keep and what to discard. If you don't want to discard you can give it to someone else or sell it. If you're having a tough time understanding what to keep and what to discard, use the following method:

🌙Step #1: Hold the item in your hand.

🌙Step #2: Ask yourself, "How does this make me feel?"

🌙Step #3: Ask yourself, "Do I want to feel this way?"

This is an amazing method to also do a mental check about what feelings you want to experience. Try to label your emotions being as specific as you can. Don't just say, "It doesn't make me feel good." Does it make you feel angry/jealous/annoyed?

If you don't know where to get started, the two guides I mentioned above would help! Those are available on the Free Resources page under the Resources tab in the menu. It requires a password. If you are subscribed to the mailing list you already have it. If you don't scroll to the bottom of any page and fill out the email form to receive the password in your mail!


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