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5 Types of Journal You Need to Try Out

The most common way of journaling is to express your feelings when you have no one. But there are many other types of the journal you can explore.

1. Bullet Journal: A bullet journal is something planners love. Being a Virgo, I love organizing and planning out the details. A bullet journal can help you do just that! Here are 2 videos for you to refer before you start your journey with a Bullet Journal.

2. Dream Journal: A dream journal is where you write down about all that you dream of. If you believe in messages and signs from the universe then this is the journal you would want to keep.

Do not force yourself to remember your dream. When it comes to you on its own during the day, write it down in your journal. Then do a weekly review to see if you can spot some patterns. If you can, it will help you to find out what is really bothering you or what is something you need to heal. If you see some signs, then you might want to look up their meaning online. Here is an Instagram post about the meaning of some signs.

This is just one resource. Google is filled with many such resources. When trying to find out the meaning. Click the website you feel called to. This way you won't feel overwhelmed by the abundant information available on the internet.

3. Art Journal: This is something artists love to keep and you can start your own! There are some amazing accounts on Instagram you can take inspiration from. Even if you are not good at art, it is always good to learn creative ways of expression. (Plus, YouTube can teach you anything if you put in the effort). Here is the one I follow to just feel good. *Nope, I don't have an art Journal, but she does*

Here are some videos by the same person to start an Art Journal

4. Food Journal: If you are trying to be healthy, then you must know that 20 per cent of being healthy includes exercise and the rest 80 per cent is about what you eat. Keeping a food journal can not only help you to track what all you are eating but also help you to find out patterns. E.g. You decide to eat healthy on the first of every month and around the third week you cave in to your cravings.

These findings can only be made if you keep a conscious track of what you eat. Nowadays, there are many applications available that can help you to log in whatever you eat. But you can also keep a pocket diary and pen with you to note down the things you eat throughout the day.

You can also track the amount of water you are drinking on a daily basis.

5. Travel Journal: If you love travelling (which unfortunately has been paused by the pandemic) creating a travel journal is something you would love. This can be like a scrapbook including all the pictures of the places you have visited.

This can be a really fun activity to do at this time. List down all the places you have visited. Find out the pictures. Print them (if you can) or just scribble two stick figures (that's bound to make you laugh).

If you remember how you felt during the trips, write a few sentences about it. If you remember in detail, then write down all the details. This will help you to be grateful for the luxury of travelling which many people don't have.

At the beginning of the journal, you can leave a few pages to list down the places you want to visit in future.

Here is a video to inspire you

Bonus Journal Types:

Just like the travel journal, you can create a reading journal, garden journal, etc.

Just like the food journal, you can create a workout journal.

Gratitude Journal: This is an amazing practice to have. List down 5 things every day that you are grateful for. Try to make them as unique as possible and try to even list WHY you are grateful for what you've mentioned.

Prayer Journal: Whenever you are trying to communicate to God, Universe, or any higher power, use this journal to write down whatever you wish to say.

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