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7 Birthday Rituals to Make You Feel Good!

Everyone tends to be excited about their birthday but then there are some people who dread it.

I have been there. If you constantly end up comparing yourself to other people and end up being mean to yourself, here is a list of rituals that will help you to reflect on your journey.

It is important that you understand, you must feel self-sufficient. When you decide to feel happy with your own self, you will witness changes in your surroundings, people will start to be nicer to you, things that you wanted would seem reachable, etc. This is why take the excuse of your birthday to pamper yourself if you do not pamper yourself every day.

Think of your birthday just like a new year, set new goals you want to achieve. From the following rituals, feel free to add your own, remove some or make modifications. Some of these rituals are from witchcraft so I hope you don't freak out. (Witchcraft is fun!)

1. Take a Relaxing Bath


If you are the type of person who'd add some salts, try adding Epsom salt, sea salt, or table salt and let your body detoxify.

Since taking spas is not available because of the pandemic, keep that for another time. Pamper yourself by taking care of your spiritual vessel, your body. Get a manicure/pedicure done.

Spend some time taking care of your skin/hair/teeth, etc. Just relax and treat your body like it is your best friend (tbh, it is!). Even though this is a routine task, do it with the intention to relax. The feelings will be different when you do this consciously by setting an intention.


2. Do a Releasing Ritual

Take time to light a candle and journal. Write down everything that has been holding you back or bothering you. This can even be your trauma from childhood. Then burn that paper near a window (in a safe space) and discard the ashes.

Birthday is an awesome day to let go off things that don't serve you anymore.


3. Write a Letter to Your Younger Self

This is my favourite one. Write a letter to your younger self, it can be one year younger or more. Tell her/him all the things you are proud of that she/he did. Thank your younger self for continuously pushing through the hard times.


4. Look Back at All the Things You Did This Year

Look at your pictures from this year and recount all the good memories you made. Make a list of the things you learned and how you have grown over the year. Take time to reflect on your journey & be proud of yourself.

tarot card reading

5. Do a Tarot Reading for Your Next Year

This day, get in tune with your intuition and do a tarot reading for yourself or get a tarot reading done.

It is fun and it helps you get in touch with your inner self.

birthday gifts

6. Gift Yourself Something

Stop expecting gifts from other people and gift yourself what you want. If it is a new tarot deck, do it. If it is your first guitar, do that!

Love yourself like you'd love someone (You will be gifting someone else as well)


7. Cook for Yourself

If you know how to make something delicious that you like, do it with the intention of nourishing your body.

Make something for yourself with love! Then enjoy it with your go-to movie!

For Wiccans/Witches


Honour your higher self by creating an altar. Light some candles that you like and get some incense.

Have your favourite drink in your favourite cup/glass. Meditate to ground yourself and pull up a tarot card of your higher self. Imagine that your higher self is in front of you and pray to her/him. Journal your experience.

Some Additional Things

1. Write down your goals for this year and break them down to monthly goals + weekly goals

2. Schedule your goals in your calendar

3. Write down the habits you want to pick up and schedule them!

4. Create a Vision Board! I recently created a vision board for my next 3 years and trust me it feels so good! You can create one on Canva. It is super easy and free.

5. Cherish yourself by being in the company of people who really make you happy.

6. Do something that adds value to the lives of other people (donate, share food, etc.)

Also, have an amazing birthday!


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