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A heartfelt letter to the business owner starting out - 2 things I shouldn't have done

This is going to be an account of the mistakes that I made which are not talked about so often in the online space. Being in this space as a business owner for two years now, I did a lot of things wrong. Things I could've done better but I got stuck up in my ego and I gave into it.

So dear business owner, please don't:

🙅‍♀️Have a beef with another business owner

Yeah, I know many other people in this space are going to p*ss you off. They are going to play low. Copy you. Do things that are not ethical. And sometimes it might even directly impact you.

What did I do?

Well, what I did was to call them out indirectly through my content. And her followers kept lingering around my profile sending that to the person in question. Which is something I did by giving into my ego.

What could have been done?

This is something I have been learning in my conflict management subject which focuses on dealing with the issue not projecting it on the person. If you have a problem with let's say someone copying you, many other people would be facing that problem. Raise the issue in general and be a spokesperson for other people in the industry on how they can protect themselves, why it is unethical, etc. Do that instead of calling your shots on the person directly or even indirectly because your Instagram is your safe curated space. Do not mix that energy with revenge or someone else's energy. Keep your online space clean just like you would keep your house clean.

🙅‍♀️Feel weak when asking for help

This is something I am seeing my clients and even myself go through. This is a shadow you need to work on if you find it difficult to ask for help.

What did I do?

I used to think, it is a badge of honour to have figured out something on my own. I would not spend on courses, coaches, or anything else and just kept thinking I will do it on my own. And trust me, it is totally okay. I did find the answers I needed.

What could have been done?

Now as my business is growing, the cost I incur in terms of energy and time spent in figuring that out is much more than the profit made through the discovery.

Read that again.

The cost I incur in terms of energy and time spent in figuring that out is much more than the profit made through the discovery.

If you find yourself feeling weak when you have to go to a coach for help, or a course, or a workshop, you need to examine your relationship with your taking help. Did your parents say anything regarding taking someone else's assistance and correlated it to a downfall in your capabilities?

If yes, let me give you a different perspective to help you shift in the mindset of being happy to take help. When you get into the energy field of someone who has already done what you are looking for, you can not only learn from them but you save up time and energy which you can put in to make the method personal to you by customizing it!

Hopefully, this helps 💜


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