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Feng Shui Color Guide: Simplified

There are so many resources on the internet telling you about the colours of Feng Shui. This abundant information can leave you feeling overwhelmed. This is why I made this Feng Shui Color Guide in the easiest way for you to understand.

If you do not know what Feng Shui is, do refer to this article: All you need to know about Feng Shui to change your life!

Disclaimer: According to me, there are no lucky or unlucky colors. Each color has its own significance and it has been proved by science under the topic of Color Psychology. This blog post is just an attempt to summarize the culture of Feng Shui.

Let’s start with the Feng Shui Color Guide.

There are Yin and Yang colors in Feng Shui which is the most basic classification.

Yin Colors

Yin colors are those colors that stand for relaxation and healing. Examples of Yin colors are black, white, purple, blue, green and pink.

Usage: These colors are ideal for the bedroom as they cause a sense of calmness to prevail in the room helping you to sleep better.

Yang Colors

Yang colors are those which represent energy and enthusiasm. Examples of Yang colors are red, yellow, orange, maroon, etc.

Usage: These colors are ideal for rooms where you want a lot of energy for example if you want to make a room more energetic and lively, you can add a splash of yang colors. These colors in the bedroom at times might cause trouble in sleeping properly as they tend to make the environment more energetic.

Element Colors

In the article linked above, you’ll find out that there are five elements of Feng Shui. Each element has certain colors that represent it. Once you have identified your element, use the following guide to find out which color is more powerful/has more influence in your life according to your Feng Shui element

Fire Element

The Fire Element in itself showcases the energy of passion and enthusiasm. Colors like Red, Orange, Purple, Pink and Yellow resonate the most with this element.

Earth Element

The Earth Element signifies harmony and stability. Colors like light Yellow, Beige and Sandy or Earthly colors resonate with this element.

Metal Element

This element stands for precision and clarity. Colors like Gray and White resonate with this element.

Water Element

This element signifies abundance and refreshment. Colors like Blue and Black resonate with this element.

Feng Shui and the colour black, dramatic, mysterious, thoughtful.

Wood Element

This element signifies growth and healing. Colors like Brown and Green resonate with this element.

Directional Colors

In Feng Shui, all the directions represent an area in your life and have some significant colors that are related to each direction. The details can be very overwhelming, this is why, if you just want to know the basics, the following picture is the best.

Feng Shui Colors [GUIDE] - For 8 Directions & 5 Elements

If you liked this, do comment below and let me know what other topics you would want me to cover.


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