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Free Tools You Need For Your Business

I started my business as a student, having nothing to spend. Literally nothing. And I was determined to make it work. That is when I find out all the best free resources to make sure that I wouldn't have to spend anything.

Slowly, as my business grew, I shifted to platforms that provide more security and accessibility. So, this post is not promoting you to stay in the free zone. It is just a list of tools I used to grow to the point where I could afford the paid tools. It is important for you to know that if you are going to expand, you'd need to invest. If you want to go big, you will have to make the investments. But to start that thing that you want to make big, you don't have to wait to have the money. That is BS. You can start right now! Right with what you have right now!

So, this blog post is divided into the different activities that you as a business owner (especially someone who sells digital products) would undertake + the tools that can assist you in the process.

⚙️Content Creation

Making content is one of the most important activities of a business that runs online. But the struggles start when people run out of content ideas.

On the site, write down the keywords of your business. For example, if you are a crystal seller, add crystals.

It comes up with a list of questions that can spark your curiosity about what people are searching for. Create content around that!

  • To create the graphics - Canva

Canva is a tool that I personally use and suggest to my clients. There are a lot of ready-to-use templates available that you can start working with.

If you are struggling to create content, then I invite you to book a 1:1 call with me where I help you with your content creation! We brainstorm together and also come up with launch strategies.

⚙️Product Creation [Digital]

If you are running a business, you need a product to generate revenue! And here, I am specifically talking about digital products!

Some of the digital products are:

  • Online Courses

  • Ebooks

  • Videos/Masterclasses

I personally sell online courses, ebooks, and masterclasses. All of them are designed in Canva.

You can design your ebooks on Canva and then save them in PDF format. You can design your presentations for online courses or masterclasses and record them on Canva itself! (Yes you can do that!)

You can record your presentation along with a small circle in the corner where your clients can see you! Just select the present and record option. Then you can download the video!

If you are not planning to use a presentation, you can use Zoom and record yourself talking about your course. Another way to go about it is by using your phone's camera and then using that video.

⚙️Product Hosting [Digital]

Now you've made your digital product, it is time to host it. It is important for you to host your digital products and distribute them in a way that you protect yourself from copy-cats!

Some beginners friendly tools are:

You can make the folder/video private and make sure you are adding the people by their email addresses specifically so that you are not giving access to sharing freely. Now there is still a chance that people can download that content. Thus, in Google Drive, you can use the option where you can prevent people from downloading, printing, and copying for commenters and viewers. Make sure you add the people as viewers and not as editors.

⚙️Taking Payments

Now that you have your product and a safe space to host it, it is time to make money. Now, if you are using the above-mentioned platforms to distribute your product, you will need to take payments manually and give access to each and every person. (Everything has pros and cons). But if you have services that are to be delivered later or want to automate some processes, you can use:

Razorpay allows you to create custom landing pages, payment plans and so much more for free. You do not have to for a monthly subscription, you will be charged a certain percentage on every transaction.

Now I know, this is a Free tool blog post but Wix deserves a mention here because of how easy things have become for me. (I am not being sponsored for this). On Wix, you can host your products, link your payment gateway and automate the entire process for a minimal charge, letting your website make the money even when you are not available.

⚙️Managing Team

If you are a growing business and have a team, then you need a project management platform where you can see what everyone is working on. This helps the team to collaborate and improve communication.

This is a tool we use, and my team absolutely loves it. (We are on the free plan when I am writing this). It helps you to assign tasks and I teach how to use this in my Batch Your Content Course.


It is very important for you to keep your mindset in check as a business owner. Here are some apps that are a necessity for me:

If you are looking to binge on some podcast episodes, check out our podcast!

Surrounding yourself with people who help you think big keeps your mindset in a tip-top condition where you are ready to go ahead and crush it! If you are looking for something just like this, I invite you to apply for the Quantum Container. A 6 week container where I assist you in an energetic expansion. Check the details by clicking the button below!


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