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How can I be Happy?

Happiness is created from within.

Heard this a couple of times right? But what Does this actually mean?

Can you create happiness just by doing things for yourself?

Being selfish will get you a bad image in society and then people will hate you. If you get affected by hatred, can you be happy by being selfish?

Believe you are happy and you will be happy.

You tell yourself that you aren’t lucky. Or maybe you can be related to the meme below.

Maybe you tried to do something and you couldn’t do it in one try. Did you say: maybe this isn’t for me.

When a lie is repeated again and again it becomes a part of you.

Ever told yourself that XYZ is so better looking than you? That’s a lie you told to yourself. And you feel lying about all the bad things. You misuse the power of the brain. The power of becoming whatever you want by believing you are that.

Comparison kills happiness

When you compare yourself you slaughter your happiness. In a really bad way. Killing your self-esteem and also the potential abilities that could be used to outdo everyone else out there.

Power of repetition

If you want to create happiness you start believing it. How simple is it?

For example, Your boss gave you loads of work. You have to do it anyway. Instead of wasting your precious energy on cursing your boss. Go ahead and tell yourself you are a happy person. And then maybe plug into some good music or eat something you like while you bury your head in those files.

Example 2: You saw someone richer, way richer than you. Instead of crying about how you are so poor, tell yourself you are a happy person. Tell yourself how good you are at _____ and all the other things you can count of.

That’s how you make yourself happy. By believing you can be happy.


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