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How to Pivot in Your Business?

Today's blog post is all about pivoting in your business, which is basically deciding to shift from one niche to another. I am writing this because I made this shift, I have shifted in my business multiple times. But my recent shift was a major one. The earlier shifts were at a place where I was not making money at all. At that time, I was trying my hands on everything I could, so that I could make money. But this time, I had a successful business, I had everything planned out, everything was going well, but still, I decided to shift.

Big Decisions

Big Decision #1: The first decision was to stop offering tarot readings. Now, this was a very scary decision for me, because I was getting around 10,000 rupees from my tarot readings alone per month. It was a big revenue generator for me and I thought, what, you know what will happen if I just backed down on this? How will people react especially when I used to do the new moon and full moon readings? I had a client who would take every new moon reading, I had a client who would take every Full Moon reading, and I didn't know how to break the news to them.

The reason why was it is not feel called out to me, I don't like it anymore. I like doing tarot readings for myself. But when I have to do it for someone else, it just felt like a burden. I still do a reading for myself every single day in the morning, it excites me like anything, it makes me want to get out of bed and see which card is going to come up today. But when I had to do with the people, it did not feel the same. Thus, I was very clear about it. I am not going to offer tarot readings. How I did it? I posted that anyone who has booked the reading till now and paid for it, I will deliver it but after this, I'm not going to do it. Many people texted me saying, why are you doing this? Your readings are so accurate. You know that I'm a regular customer. Are you not getting enough customers? I'm was like no, I'm getting enough customers, but I'm not getting the rush that I used to get when I used to do tarot readings and it's normal. It's okay to not feel excited by something that used to excite you in the past. Yes, many people were disappointed some people have stopped talking to me because of it and it kind of makes me feel bad but I did not want to do readings

Big Decision #2: The next big decision that I made was to stop selling my Baby Aloe deck. That was the first product I've ever created. Even though it was the first product I created. I loved it to the core of my heart. The reason why I took this decision was to clear old energy so that I can make more time for the things that I am shifting towards. I stopped offering the deck because I have a plan for an entirely new division of Listening Stories Untold and to make space for that, I need to remove the things that do not align with me anymore.

How I did it? I hosted a clearance sale. I told people that this is the last time I am selling the deck which created an urgency and helped me sell out totally. Big Decision #3: Another major decision that I took was I shifted from the Law of Attraction as my main thing to Business Coaching. The reason why I pivoted was that there was this thing going on that in India that Instagram might get banned. Well, that never happened but it scared people so much. Small business owners that they were posting, this is my telegram group. This is my email address. They're giving out their phone numbers just like that saying, please reach out to me here. They're noting down the addresses that they had saved for orders because they are all on messages. There are no systems. I just felt like, this is not how a business is supposed to be run. That was the perfect opportunity for me to step in and tell people that I am shifting to business coaching, I had been contemplating this decision for one week before all of this chaos was happening. Please don't wait till you have it all figured out. You have to start you have to put your hands out there. See what is coming your way? Do you like it? If not, how can you tweak it to match your interests? Is it profitable? That is how you're supposed to find out.

When You Should Not Pivot

You should not have it every single day. Just because you're not making a profit. Don't start doing everything, just because you're not making a profit in the current niche. You think that it's not profitable because it is okay, but the truth is you can make money from the niche that you're in! You're just not either marketing it the right way or are passionate about it because you just picked it from someone else who is doing it and making money. But it's not working for you. So this issue is not.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Question 1: Am I really passionate about what I'm doing right now?

If yes, then you're good honey. Just write down all the things that you are passionate about.

Question 2: If not ask yourself - What am I really passionate about?

Question 3: Am I shifting into this thing for money or for passion?

Question 4: What makes me think that the current niche is not profitable?

Happy Pivoting!


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