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How to plan for 2022?

Welcome to 2022. You have made it through another year. What I am hoping for, from this blog post is this is going to be like a journal series.

Today's blog is going to be divided into two parts, unwrapping, and planning. We'll start with unwrapping. It's a journaling blog so make sure you have your journal with you because I have some journaling prompts for you.


Let's start with unwrapping. First of all, let's talk about why unwrapping is so necessary. Most of us every year, want to walk into the new year with this intention, new year new me, everything that I have done up to this point, not enough, we need to change everything we are starting from scratch this year and this year was okay, it was good.

But we lose the sense of time. We set goals from a place of ego, we set goals from a place of not having enough - the lack mindset. I talk more about a lack mindset on the podcast. So if you don't know what it is you can check my podcasts.

But instead of setting goals from that place, and this is the reason why you're not achieving those goals, let's set goals from a place of love. A good way to look at what your 2021 actually was like would be to go through your photos, go through your gallery, see how much you've grown because we tend to remember flashes, we tend to remember the highlights. But there were some problems that you thought were so big that you would never be able to come out of them. But you did and you totally ignored them because they are gone now. Because we lose the sense of time. So make sure that you're not doing that. And make sure that you're setting goals from a place of love.

If you've already set your goals, that's okay, reevaluate them. Because if you're going to set goals from a place of 'I don't have enough, and 'I need to get enough' that neediness, that desperation is going to push your goals away. And that's why your goals seem out of reach out of the league, so let's not do that.

So I have some questions for you to reflect on to unwrap your 2021 because it's important for you to process what has happened in order to move forward.

  • What were your goals for 2021?

  • What were your results?

See a difference. And this is not to judge yourself. Do not start bashing yourself. Do not be like I am not good enough. See them from a non-judgmental point of view. You are just listing down facts.

  • What really worked for you in 2021?

  • Were there things that really made you happy?

  • What were there things that you discovered?

Maybe you discovered Tarot reading, maybe you discovered numerology whatever maybe you discovered a new dance form that totally lights you up? What worked for you? List down what worked for you. So maybe you tried a business idea, but it didn't work out. Maybe you tried studying a subject but it didn't work out. Maybe you went into a relationship but it didn't work out. That's okay. You don't have to worry. You're just looking back from a non-judgmental point of view.

  • What do you want to carry forward?

Okay, So if you want to carry forward something, let's say that new dance form that you learned, you want to carry forward, put that in there.

  • Is there something you would want to do differently?

Because, you know, we always think if I had this knowledge back, then I would have done things differently. But the point of getting that knowledge is to first experience the thing that you went through, for example, you went through a breakup, the relationship was a mess. But now you know what not to do when a relationship or what not to settle for. That was the lesson you were supposed to get out of that. And this is why we ask you what did not work.

And then ask yourself, what are the lessons that you find lessons that you learned, and lessons that you're going to implement because life was planned in a way for you that you learn the lessons at the right time so that when you reach the right phase means the right people, you have the right lessons.

Personal Example: A beautiful example of this from my personal life is I was struggling with money, I had no money whatsoever of my own, in 2019. And I wanted all those luxurious experiences. I wanted an amazing partner. But that was not happening. I wanted an amazing relationship and that was also not happening and now that I got the money and I got an amazing relationship so that I could experience all of that together. Like it all happened at the right time and I'm so grateful that it didn't happen back then because I didn't have the resources. I'm so grateful it happened now. So do the unwrapping.✨


You need to realize that it's important for you to carry forward, not just to start fresh, okay? You're not always supposed to start a brand new life, because that's not how it works. You are supposed to carry forward things. That's why we had this, what would you want to carry forward into 2022, that worked for you in the past year.

So you need to figure out, go back, look at the things that made you really happy. Look at the things, look at the achievements that you had, look at the habits that you built, even if you still were sticking to that habit for like two days, that's okay. You stuck to something, what is something that you're going to carry forward? This is the biggest thing that you can do for yourself.💜

So, instead of starting fresh, it is important to carry forward the lessons, you can take the categories of life and make sure you have holistic categories of life, which includes health, finances, career or business, social life, spiritual life, relationship and parenting with your kids or your parents or any other qualities of life totally up to you based on where you are in life. So there are so many categories of life. Sometimes we make it all about that one category of our life, which, of course, you shouldn't be doing. That's right, we start feeling that there is no purpose in life because we start making a part of our life, the whole of our life.

  • What is your vision for each category of that, like all the categories that you think or think fit for you?

Maybe Academy life is a category for you and might not be for me, or for someone else? Right? So you make a category for yourself and ask yourself, what is your highest vision for that category? Once you do that, you ask yourself,

  • How can I bring it back down to today?

What can I do today to move 1% forward towards that life vision towards the vision for this category that I have? I also want you to know that your goals can make you feel scared. But you do remember when one time then you set an impossible goal which is now your normal.

Personal Example: I'll tell you my story about this. So in 2019, 20,000 rupees per month seemed impossible. 1 lakh 50,000 rupees in one year was oh my god beyond everything that I could have ever imagined and it was so difficult for me.

Now, 1 lakh 50,000 rupees is like a monthly thing. It happened in two years, but something that seemed impossible back then is now my normal.

Similarly, something that seemed impossible for you back then is now your normal. So remind yourself of this thing. Try to create it like a game.

No one has it all figured out, but everything is figureoutable.

  • What is the vision and how you can bring it down and you go schedule it in your calendar, that's it!

Thank you so much for reading this blog I hope this helped you.❤


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