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How to Stop Thinking Small

Stuck in the cycle of thinking small? Here are 4 tips to get out of it.

🦋Tip #1: Surround Yourself with the Right People

The first tip for not thinking small is to surround yourself with the right people. Now when I got into college, I was constantly surrounded by people. I was always in this area dedicated to startups. I ended up hanging out there most of the time. Around me were people who wanted to build startups & who wanted to start something.

If there are still restrictions on going out and stuff, and you cannot surround yourself with the people that have the right mindset or do you cannot find them. Make a list of people you really admire, get their books, listen to their podcasts, listen to them on Audible do whatsoever you can to have their presence in your life.

🦋Tip #2: Have a Container

The second tip that I have for you is to have a container. Now, what does this mean? I did not start out with the idea of starting a business would make me money. My goal was to pay my own college fees, which is quite a lot.

I wanted to reduce the burden of my parents and my burden as well. Because one of the things that I felt was that I was not able to think big or do whatsoever I wanted in college because I had this pressure on me to get these certain grades. If I don't get them, my 50% scholarship would be taken away. So I automatically reduced my activities. I constantly focused on academics, even though I wanted to do so many other things.

That is how it started. So that was one action towards trying to think big. Then I set a goal.

🦋Tip #3: They don't pay your bills!

The third tip that I have for you is they don't pay your bills. I was scared when I started this business. I was scared to show up on stories. I was scared to show my face on my account, thinking that people would laugh at me. I realized, wait. They don't pay my bills, they won't be able to pay my college fees. Heck, they won't be even able to make 2500 rupees at that point. I did not know anyone who was making that much amount of money. Here I'm talking about the people who I was thinking would laugh at me. So the people who would laugh at me, were not even making that amount of money that I was making. You can keep thinking that they are people who are going to laugh at you. But are they really your people if they're going to laugh at you? that's the point. People don't have time, they're going to laugh. Well, it's okay, at least you're making money. That's the point.

🦋Tip #4: Mindset Work

Now, the fourth tip that I have is mindset work. 'Atomic habits' and 'The Magic of Thinking Big' are the two books I would recommend reading for this. Atomic habits help you to understand yourself, it helps you to see who you are in your core, and what kind of identity you want to shift into.

So mindset work also includes journaling. If you want to know more about journaling, I have an entire seven-day journaling course. It will help you to understand yourself. It also has aspects of self-love, Shadow Work, Dream journal, etc.


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