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Life Coach: Expectations vs. Reality

Do you see the words Life coach on an Instagram profile and being like what in the world is a life coach?

This blog post will clear out all your doubts and read till the end because at the end you will receive a quiz to find out whether you need a life coach or not! I am so psyched for this blog post and I hope this energy makes you excited as well because if you don't know what a life coach is, like me 2 years back, then this is about to change your life!

Top 5 Myths about Life Coaching

Let's first see a few myths about life coaching that will help you to break free from your present beliefs about the subject:

❌Myth #1: A life coach teaches you how to live your life.

This is my favourite one of all!!! So, a life coach definitely does not tell you how to live your life. Rather, a life coach would listen to you about how you want to live your life and help you figure out what is blocking you and how you can move past that hurdle.

❌Myth #2: A life coach has all the answers to your life.

NO! You and only you have the answers to what is not working in your life and what you need to do about it. A life coach will only help you see through the negative chatter of your mind and help you move past your clouds of emotions to see clearly.

❌Myth #3: A life coach will give you all the solutions you need.

As mentioned earlier, a life coach only helps you to find your own solutions that are unique for you and work for you! In any case, a life coach will not spoon-feed you with an ideal way of solving a particular problem.

❌Myth #4: Coaching is for wealthy people.

Wealthy people are made because of coaching! Every business has a person who acts as a business coach for them. A life coach is someone who supports you in the journey of building resilience and reaching your goals + living your dream life.

❌Myth #5: Coaching is the same as therapy.

A big NO! Coaching is about looking forward and planning your life + following through. Therapy, on the other hand, is about looking back and finding out the traumas and healing them. At times, life coaches do delve deep into what is holding you back and can give you the tools that can help you move past them. But it only comes in the context of what is holding you back from achieving your goals. The main focus is on your dream life+goals and not on healing your past wounds.

If you want to heal your past wounds, it is better to go for hypnotherapies, Rapid Transformation Therapies, talking to therapists, taking counselling, etc. If you want to know more about Rapid Transformation Therapy, I recently did a podcast with Laura who is an RTT therapist. Listen to the podcast here: Ep #16: What is RTT & How to Transform Yourself w/ Laura

Now let's talk about what life coaching really is and the different roles that a life coach plays.

What is a life coach?

Definition: A life coach is a person who helps you to make progress in your life by giving you the tools and techniques you might need to overcome your limiting beliefs.

A life coach basically performs the following functions:

  1. Helps you get clarity about your goals

  2. Helps you identify what is holding you back from achieving those goals

  3. Helps you come up with techniques/strategies to jump over the hurdles

  4. Holds you accountable on your journey to achieve those goals.

Now if you will notice, all the above functions have YOU as their core. This is because

All that you are seeking outside is within you.

A life coach will just help you to see those answers you had been seeking all this time. It is a beautiful journey of transforming your life and creating more options for yourself.

You can think of a life coach as your friend who listens to you and gives you advise on how to go about certain problems. Now you might ask,

"If a life coach is just like a friend, why would I invest in a life coach when I can just talk to a friend for free?"

Ans.- A life coach goes through training, and if he/she is very passionate about helping people, he/she continuously attends self-development masterclasses, webinars, reads books, enrols in courses that can help him/her serve his/her clients better.

Your friend is surely a great option to go to because you trust them, but all the years of learning help life coaches make a toolkit and they know just the tool that will help you get what you want.

Different Roles of a Life Coach

A life coach ends up playing a lot of roles over the coaching journey. Here are a few of them to help you understand what a life coach does.

🌻Role #1: Guide

Do you feel like life is boring and you don't even know what you want from it? You don't have a clue about where you want to go and what you want to do in life? You can surely take the help of your parents and friends but this is where a life coach steps in.

A life coach helps you find out what you really love doing, what you are passionate about, what is something you can improve on and then how to go about it.

🌻Role #2: Architect

You might be at a stage where you are clear about your goals but you do not have a clue about how to bring them to reality.

In the role of an architect, a life coach helps you find out your PLAN to achieve those goals. Just like you tell an architect what you want and he lays down the map for you, you tell a life coach what your goals are and then he/she helps you build an action plan for the same.

🌻Role #3: Staircase Support Handle

Now do you feel like you have everything, you know what you want and you know how to get it but you just don't follow through. You keep falling back to square one and then feel guilty about it.

A life coach acts as your accountability partner, holding you up to your commitments and making sure you don't fall back. A life coach provides you support in times when you feel like giving up.

🌻Role #4: Personal Motivational Speaker

There are times where you keep doing the actions but don't see any results. In this time you feel like putting efforts is just a waste of energy and time. This is the time where a life coach steps in and holds your hand pulling you up to see the long term view. You might get stuck in how you are not seeing the results right now, but a coach helps you see how your tiny efforts in the present are going to yield abundance and success in the long term.

🌻Role #5: Editor

If still you keep doing the actions and do not see the results, a life coach helps you to do an audit of your actions. Then together you find out what works for you and what does not.

🌻Role #6: U-Turn Sign

When you are on the path of self-development you are bound to fall back in the traps of your ego (not the psychological definition). If you work with a life coach, they help you to identify when you are falling back to your old patterns or limiting yourself. Then they help you to Pivot.

🌻Role #7: Magnifier

A life coach also helps you to find out what is the area of your life that is causing you dissatisfaction. Sometimes you are just frustrating for no reason because a part of your life is going through a bumpy road but you are not consciously aware of it.

If you want to find out which are of your life you would want to work on with a life coach.

🌻Role #8: Empowerment Coach

A life coach tries his/her best to make you self-sufficient. This might sound contradicting but this is one of the goals of life coaching. A life coach aims at making you so independent that you understand how to find out your answers for your self without letting emotions and attachments take a toll on you.

These are just some of the roles of a life coach. Vote down below to know which role you need a life coach as!

When would you need a life coach?

If you are wondering whether you should be working with a life coach or not, here is your answer. If you have already taken the quiz and rated yourself under 3 in any of the categories of your life, then you can try working out things by yourself. But if you want someone to support you on that journey with techniques that work and can help you get there faster, then YES you should work with a life coach!

Remember: You can reach your goals all by yourself and all that you need is within yourself. With a life coach, you can get your desired results faster. That's the difference.

You might want to work with a life coach if you are:

  • Feeling irritable often

  • Not being able to manage your stress/ feeling anxious

  • Not being able to break free bad habits

  • Not feeling fulfilled in your life

  • Dissatisfaction in a part of your life

  • Feeling like you are facing a creative block

What can you expect?

When you work with a life coach, you can expect the following changes:

  • Improved work/life balance

  • Facing your hidden fears

  • Intensified creativity/ state of flow

  • More comprehensive financial security

  • Improved communication skills

  • More gratifying work-life

  • More substantial relationships

  • Living your dream life (if you work with a coach for long-term)

What not to expect?

❌ Don't expect instant gratification

Do not expect that you'll invest in a coach and you'll see the results overnight. You need to work through all your limiting beliefs and do the things that push you out of your comfort zone.

❌ Don't expect a wave of the magic wand

Working with a coach won't magically change your life. You can surely face the transformations but it is you who has to do the work. If you don't put the efforts in, you can be sure of your money being wasted.

❌ Don't expect results to show up if you don't trust your coach

This is a BIG one! If you don't trust the coach you are working with, you will not get the results. This is the truth and there is no way you can bend this reality. So make sure before investing in a life coach, you go through their profiles and get to know if you like their vibe or not. Usually, coaches offer a free discovery call, take that opportunity to explore and build a relationship with that coach.

❌ Don't seek a life coach to solve your severe mental health issues

If you are thinking there is some trauma you are experiencing and you should approach a life coach, DON'T! Get help from a therapist for the same.

(If you want to share your problems normally, feel free to drop a text to me on Instagram @listeningstoriesuntold )

About Me

So, I have been in the coaching business for around 2 years now and have helped over 20+ people create the reality they desire. For me, my primary role in my mentee's life is as a manifestation mentor and secondary is the life coach.

I am a firm believer of the Law of Attraction and I love helping people create magic & miracles with it. If you are interested in working with a life coach now, feel free to book your 30-minute discovery call to find out whether we fit for each other or not!


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