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Resources for Product-Based Businesses

In the last blog post, I shared the resources I used for my digital products and for entrepreneurs running businesses in the digital space. Using the profits from that business, I started a product-based business. It was a challenge but it was very expansive. I realized a lot of things. This is why, I am sharing the websites, resources, and products that helped me navigate my journey as a product-based business owner.

This will be a smaller blog post but if you'd like to know how I launched my first physical product, tune into this episode:

⚙️Packaging Resources:

Finding the right packaging was a struggle! I wanted a specific kind of box with customization! So here are the packaging resources that really helped me out.

When I started with my first physical product, I didn't use custom packaging. I simply ordered from Shiprocket

⚙️Shipping Resources:

There are mainly two shipping providers that I use:

⚙️Additional Resources:

For printing needs - Vistaprint

You can get your Thank you cards, visiting cards, stickers and so much more printed from here!

For packaging tags - Amazon

⚙️Helpful Instagram Businesses I came across

If you are looking to source raw materials, I would have suggested IndiaMart but I haven't used it myself so not linking it hahaha.

Hopefully, you got what you were looking for in this blog post! Send it to someone who is planning to start a business but has been having trouble finding resources.

If you need help with the strategy part of it in your business, book a 1:1 strategy call with me!


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