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Top 5 Tips to cure Depression!

Depression does not refer to feeling sad. The word depressed is being used very lightly. Teens these days fail to understand the deeper meaning of this concept. Some people take it as an excuse for poor behaviour which is a myth. Depression is a real thing and to treat depression, first, you need to diagnose it.

Here are some symptoms of depression:

  1. Poor performance at work/school

  2. Withdrawing from social interactions (In case of introverts, this is related to their close friends)

  3. Intake of alcohol and sedatives

  4. Losing interest in usually enjoyable activities

  5. Inability to concentrate

  6. Feelings of unhappiness for a prolonged period of time

  7. Complaints of extreme fatigue even without too much physical exertion

  8. Eating disorders

  9. Sleeping disorders

  10. Talking or writing about suicide

It is a combination of these symptoms not the presence of a single one. Also remember, the feeling of unhappiness when continues for a period beyond 2 weeks might be depression.

Do not confuse your regular emotions with depression.

How to cure Depression without taking medication?

You need to take care of a few things in order to minimize the extent of your problem.


Exercising releases endorphins which can boost mood and ease depression symptoms. Even taking a short walk outside or riding a stationary bike can help you feel better. So try to move your body to make yourself overcome the feeling of sadness.


Try making a regular sleeping pattern. Set a fixed time to sleep and wake up making sure you get at least 6 hours of sleep.

Also, dim your lights an hour before and create a peaceful environment if you have difficulty in sleeping. You can try meditations specifically designed for inducing sleep as well! You can find them on YouTube or on various meditation apps available.


Recent studies suggest that yoga can, reduce the impact of stress, help with anxiety and depression, be a self-soothing technique similar to meditation, relaxation, and exercise. It also improves energy! If you do not know where to start from you can check this website out.


Writing can prove to be very helpful in dealing with depression. You can try to write a few lines every day at night or in the morning. It can become a source of venting out your emotions and help you to clear out your head.


There are numerous activities you can involve yourself in, such as:

  1. Gardening

  2. Drawing

  3. Painting

  4. Singing

  5. Music – learn an instrument

  6. Puzzles

  7. Sports & Games


This list extends to all that you can think of to do. Just try to get involved in the activities you love doing or once loved doing and it will make you feel better!

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