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What is Intention Setting, How to Apply it & How it can Change Your Life?

This is a blog post that one of the people from the community requested me to write about via Instagram. If you want me to talk about something be it on my podcast, blog, IGTV, etc., feel free to drop me a message on Instagram & I would be more than happy to serve you the content you seek.

What is Intention?

An intention is a statement which is somewhere similar to an affirmation. You can use it as a Law of Attraction technique to create the kind of situation you desire to. Example of some intentions are:

  • I am going to have an amazing conversation

  • I intend to complete this course by today

  • I intend to have the best date today!

How to apply it?

You can apply intention setting anywhere in your life. For example, you can apply it before an exam saying that, "I intend to finish this exam 30 minutes before time." or you can use it before a tough conversation with your spouse saying, "I intend to make our bond stronger after this conversation."

You can use it the moment you wake up in the morning and setting the tone for the day. You can use intentions for stretching time according to your needs.

How it can change your life?

Setting intentions is very simple. It means that you are taking charge of your life and you want to have the power in your control. This is basically it. It is not something very complex. It is actually pretty easy. And that is exactly the reason why it works.

It works because you realize your power and you are not letting life push you around. For example, you wake up and instead of setting an intention, you end up checking your phone and you see a message from your employer saying that you will have to work overtime today. You are going to feel meh and you are going to spend the whole day like that. You are going to treat your partner or parent like that because you are mad about the overtime. You are going to be rude to your co-worker. You are going to spend more time gossiping about it to your colleagues instead of listening to the podcast you usually listen to in your breaks. You are letting all your day go to the negative side of life just because you did not set an intention.

Somewhere I believe that even when you are not consciously setting intentions, you are subconsciously setting intentions. Taking the same example as above, you might keep repeating that this is the worst day ever, I don't even have time for myself, etc. and those are intentions. Those are affirmations. And those are that are manifesting in your reality.

So, intentions are always working. Intention setting is about consciously choosing what you want to go for in this reality. It is like reaching out to the desired reality, telling the universe in form of a declaration that you want to choose that reality & then let the universe do the work for you!


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