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What is Scripting & How to Script?

Today I want to share with you my favorite manifestation method, scripting. I have been scripting for over three years now. It has totally changed my life. I've been scripting since I was in 10th-grade and I've seen things shift for me.

I manifested a lot of stuff but before I get into all the things that I have manifested from this method, I want to tell you what scripting is.

What is Scripting? Examples

Scripting is basically a written version of the act as if manifestation technique. If you're not aware of what the act as of manifestation technique is, it is about acting as if your manifestations have already come true. For example, talking, walking, dressing up eating, and behaving as if your manifestation is already here. To give you a picture, if you got a job that you really wanted if you got the promotion that you wanted, how would you be talking to other people? How would you be moving around? How would you dress up, (which is important) and how would your posture be like? All these things help you to get into the vibration of the and get to the level where you have already manifested it, and it helps to bring your manifestations quickly. So in scripting, all you do is write down as if your manifestation has already come true.


I'll give you some examples of scripting, or the sentences that you can use while scripting

📕First example: If you are manifesting 10,000 rupees/dollars whatsoever your currency is, you wouldn't be saying that I am manifesting 10,000 rupees. That would mean it is still coming to you and that you still don't have it. You will be saying, I have 10,000 rupees. That is where you are in the energy of already having it and there is no lack mindset. It's like you already have whatever you desire.

📕Second example: I am calling in an amazing life partner. Now that means you don't have a life partner already, and you're desperate for it. You need one to come into your life. But if you shift the sentence, and if you're scripting for an amazing life partner, you would say something like, my life partner is so amazing. Then you go on to describe the details. If you don't know about the law of attraction, then I have a free bundle, including four audios and four text lessons for you to dive deep into and they're all free. So you can learn everything about the law of attraction to a deep level.

Scripting Succes Stories:

I am a big fan of success stories because when you see other people who have achieved that, it automatically boosts your confidence that yes, it can work for me as well. I'm only going to take three examples because I've shared a lot more in the Scripting Secrets to Manifest Quickly course including the big things that I have manifested. But I wanted to share things where you actually see a progression. 💸Success Story #1: I wrote 5 November 2020, I wrote that within 10 days of November, I made 10,000 days. You won't believe it in the September month, which is just like two months before that, I barely made 2500 rupees in the entire month. That was my first month of earnings and my goal was to hit 20,000 rupees. Then in October, I made 15,000 rupees but it still was not 20,000 so I was like okay, in November in 10 days, I'm going to manifest 10,000 rupees, and guess what? It happened! 💸Success Story #2: Now, the interesting part of it is on 4th December 2020, I wrote that I manifested 10,000 in one day, and also got so many people to sign up for my course. I not only made 10,000 in one day, but I have also made 16,000 in a day after making nothing like one day. Before that day there were no sales and I was not working at all. The next day, I had 16,000 rupees, and the people in my April batch of Kickstart Your Biz Bootcamp know about it.

💸Success Story #3: I also have had clients paying twice the amount that they're supposed to pay for my tarot readings. Just because I had scripted. I saw this person, and she said that, oh, you know, clients just pay me more. I never thought that someone would pay me more than the price of the course. So I put it out there in my scripting journal. I wrote down that people love to be more than what I asked for. And this tarot reading client paid me double the amount I asked for! I was so excited. These are just some of my manifestations and there are so many more that I want to share in detail on how I did it, how you can do it too. If you want to dive deep, the Scripting Secrets to Manifest Quickly course is going to blow your mind and change your life.

You will get: 1. A 3-part training on how to script

  • Part 1: Journaling

  • Part 2: Scripting

  • Part 3: The LSU method of Scripting

2. A Guided Meditation

3. A Scripting Template!

Do you need fancy stuff for Scripting?

Now let's talk about you will see all these people who put out beautiful things, when they are scripting. They would have a candle lit, they will have crystals around them, they will probably clean the space with incense. They would even have tarot cards around them making it look like it is so complex and making you feel that you cannot do this. But let me break it to you

If people say that your manifestations should come to you easily, that means your process should be easy as well.

All the purpose of creating this environment, whether cleansing within incense, adding a candle is to make themselves feel good, which is the ultimate goal of scripting or any other manifestation technique! You should feel good while doing it. So you can do all of it with whatever you have on hand, maybe you can put up a face mask. And then script because you're nourishing your body or taking care of your body. Maybe that makes you feel good. Maybe you can get your nails done and then script it you don't have to buy particular crystals, you don't have to buy, candles just to set the mood. That is the point of doing all of these. All you need from scripting is a pen and a diary or even a page, you don't need anything else. So don't try to get caught up by what other people are doing, how they're making it complex, you create your own rituals, which is very important for your manifestation to work.

If you are going to copy someone else's rituals, doing the cleansing with sage and then putting crystals that you don't even know what they used for, you're just lighting a candle for the sake of it and you're just scripting. It is not going to make sense and it's not going to manifest. You're going to say the scripting doesn't work. It won't work because you didn't do what you're there.

You've got to add your scope of personalization every time you do something.

If you've ever tried scripting and it made you feel that it made all those thoughts pop up in your head like oh, this is never gonna happen. This is stupid like is this magic because you're writing it down and it will come true. How is that even possible? If thoughts like this have come up in your head then the scripting course is going to change your life. I can guarantee it the things that I have covered are insane.


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