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What is the point in living when you are not happy overall?

What is the point of drinking water if you are not thirsty overall?

Life is not supposed to be all merry. If you have ever read a book, do all chapters convey the same mood? Is there sadness in every chapter?


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Similarly in life, we are bound to have low days and high ones. When low days go on for a long time we start to lose patience and think that it is in our destiny, no point in living, blah blah. But that isn’t the way it works.

If you see yourself in a bad condition for some time, it is fine because this is life. But if that condition continues for long, it indicates that you have not been doing anything to improve your situation.

Life is a teacher, and these tough situations are a lesson. If you are always happy, you’d never want to improve. Sorrow and hatred bring out those potentials that you never even imagined.

What you need to know is, just because your life is not providing you happiness doesn’t mean you should die. Life is not supposed to do that. YOU ARE! you are supposed to create your own happiness and improve your own situation.

Learn from everything instead of giving up.

There is this thing that our mind does. When the situation is tough our mind forces us to think that there is no way out. If you give in to that thought you will keep crying. But if you think over it a little more you will be able to find a solution. TBH many solutions!

And if you sit alone and start thinking about life, your mind will again trick you into counting your unlucky situations rather than blessings.



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