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Quantum Leap



Quantum Leap Workshop

Learn what is quantum leaping and how you can use the magic of quantum leaping in your business and life to shift to your desired reality. 

Rs. 2,555

Here is what you'll learn

  1. What is Quantum Leaping/Jumping?

  2. How does it work? (In a way a kid can also understand)

  3. Myths about Quantum Leaping

  4. How you can do it?

  5. How I do it specifically + real-life examples

  6. How to apply it in business & life? (With case studies of my clients)

This is for you if...

✔ You are new to Quantum Leaping

✔ You want to manifest your desires & understand the concept of multiple realities

​✔ You want to understand how you can do Quantum Jumping on a daily basis

What you get...

✔ 2 Masterclasses 

✔ 2 Guided Meditations

​✔ 1 Ebook with 25 journal prompts!

⬇ This is possible for you 

Out of the world and so refreshing!

Mind blown!!🤯🤯

Enlightening and calming meditation

I was so excited and exhilarated to see you again!! The workshop was incredible as usual! The entire portion of 2 slit experiment was so mind was blown at the end of it especially when it was revealed that electrons behave in a different manner when being watched...Omg, the meditation was out of the the end of both meditations, I couldn't stop smiling...The second mediation was so effective and beautiful that I feel like my quantum version. I keep questioning myself to think about what would my quantum version do in a situation and feel like this is how I'd do things from now onwards. Also in the beginning when you broke the myth that the quantum leap is all about the small actions, that just blew my mind..small consistent actions are capable of converting into the big impacts that we dream of. Thank you so much for this workshop!! And thank you so much for existing!!!!💜💜💜

Wanted to drop in and tell you that I LOVED THE QUANTUM LEAP WORKSHOP SO SO MUCH!!!!!! First of all, you explained it so damn well! I did know a bit about it but the science part blew my mind. Each and everything made sense. In fact, the hugest surprise was you took the leap in front of us. I thought it was going to take longer than 2 hours and so you said. But you actually completed the workshop in 2 hours with all the information🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻 AND THE MEDITATION!!!!! I met my higher self and her energy told me a lot about the steps I need to take. The second meditation where I embodied her, made my heart chakra throb! It brought a few tears to my eyes. But, I totally recommend people to get it. Worth every penny!🤌🏻💖 Can't even begin to explain how lovely it was

The Quantum Leap Workshop was so enlightening. The best part is that we don't need to take major actions to achieve the things we desire. It's all about consistency. The meditation was amazing. Felt calm to know that I am successful in some reality. The moment the meditation ended, I received a notification from a client

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