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Reel Your Way to More Sales 


Reel Your Way to More Sales 

A 6-module course to help you learn all about reels. It includes everything from reel ideation, music, editing, apps to use, posting tricks & even hashtags. On top of that, you will learn how to sell using a specific reels strategy.

Rs. 2,222

This is for you if...

✔ You've been struggling to come up with reel ideas

✔ You are spending all your time trying to record & edit reels but they don't turn out good

​✔ You have been posting a lot of reels but they are not performing at all

What you get...

✔ 6  Modules

✔ 24 Videos [including editing tutorials]

​✔  Reels checklist [to quickly refer to]

​✔  Reels Planner [to plan out longterm]

Module #1

Reel mindset

At Listening Stories Untold, we mix energetics with business and mindset always comes first to create outcomes

Module #3

Shoot + Edit Reels

In this module, I will introduce you to tricks to shoot your reels quickly + tools I use to edit with ease

Module #5

Instagram Trends

This module has tutorials on how you can re-create some trends to get started with reels

Module #2

Planning + Batching

This module will cover the 4-step batching process I use along with content ideas and Asana tutorial

Module #4

Posting Strategy

This module will cover the 4-step process to posting to make sure that your reels are performing well

Module #6

Tools + Questions

This module was added after the launch of the course. It includes most of the questions + updates about reels

⬇ This is possible for you 

Your information is gold!

Massive huge success! I gained 200 followers in the last week!

Followers are coming in like water!

I was struggling with content planning for so long and now I finally have something I can look into anytime I want.

I am so happy and grateful to have you!

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