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Congratulations! 🎉

You’ve just found the Spiritual Business Coach

you had been manifesting all this time!

Imagine being able to… 


🐾 Show up for your business even when your personal life gets difficult 

🐾 Speak your desired prices out loud w/o having that hint of self-doubt getting in your way (& actually having people pay that)

🐾 F*ck around & find out things in your business without worrying about “failing” because you are Confident AF


Imagine all of that & more… 


That is exactly what happens when you truly embody the fierce

✨Feline Energy✨

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I  am here to teach you exactly how to do that & I have an entire 3-part training

I am giving you for FREE!


Hi, I'm Ashu

The go-to spiritual business coach for Light Leaders

& your Feline Energy Activator ✨

I know you’ve been manifesting this 👇

🍹 A business coach who understands you when you talk about all things light language, spirit guides, channeling, chakras, intuitive hits, and more.

🌀 Someone who can guide you not only with the flowy feminine or just the masculine structure, but combine both in a purrfecttt blend 

🪽 A coach who would understand when you suddenly feel like doing something else because you channeled it in meditation or you want to stop doing something because it doesn’t feel aligned anymore. 

How do I know this?

Because this is exactly what people tell me when they stumble on my profile! Read my entire story here ⬇️

~ Work with Me ~

Ready to run your business with Feline Energy?

Here’s how you can work with me 👇

Private Coaching

1:1 Support

This is where we make a powerful potion to sweeten your business with the cosmic sugar of money, clients, and fun. Together we will cast potent marketing spells that will enchant your ideal clients & create an overflow of abundance for you.


Sacred Selling

This is a portal that stores reframes for all sorts of limiting beliefs to help you get more clients. You will start seeing how spiritual the process of sales is!

Cosmic Sales Elixir

This is where I am going to make content creation & sales 100 times more fun for you by infusing spirituality & frameworks for content creation that feels as easy as breathing! 

Explore more of my magic…


Start getting coached for free with my weekly podcast episodes! 


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Start working on balancing your chakras with this guided meditation playlist!

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