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Hi There! 

I am Ashu, a business coach on a mission to help Indian women entrepreneurs create financial independence by building their dream business on Instagram.

Listening Stories Untold (LSU) is your one-stop place for all your business needs from starting a business to scaling & expanding it.

You can find all your self-development tools in one place here but it wasn't like that always. 

It started with -"How can I monetize my Instagram Page?"

Keep scrolling to know the story of how Listening Stories Untold started and where you can find more about me.  



I started a page on Instagram named A Lone Wolf Diary. It was just about my poems, quotes, and short stories. I barely posted on it and had no plans to post self-development content



Got my first Self-Development book as a gift from my best friend & started posting the same on the account. Kept going on & off on Instagram with no motive to earn. People started texting asking for help.

Till 2019 I kept trying to understand who I am while going through the first year of college



From crying two weeks straight in April to living my best life by November, this year was the game-changer. Decided to monetize in September - went from 2.5k/month to 50k/month in November. In 4 months of running this, I ended up having my first 100k month!

Learned tarot reading, astrology, & got my life coaching certificate as well.


Launched the first round of my business coaching program, mentored 20 people in the process of setting their own business up in the first quarter. 

Also created my first physical product, an oracle deck & started hosting live workshops.


Here's how I started this business!

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