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Are you already done with the foundational pieces & now gearing up to scale your business? 

💫 Maybe you have already done a lot of one-time sessions and now want to start offering coaching packages…

💫 Or you are expanding your energetic container to host group programs but you want someone by your side to guide you through it? 


💫 Or you want to learn the Feline ways of running a business so that you are confident AF with charging what you want & putting yourself out to be seen without fear! 

                 Then I am the purrfect coach for you!                  

Inside my private coaching container, we will make a powerful potion to sweeten your business with the cosmic sugar of money, clients, and fun. Discover the art of casting potent marketing spells that captivate your ideal clients, leaving them enchanted and creating a state of overflow for you all in one place! 

If we are going to cast a spell for your business…


We need some magical ingredients to make it potent AF!

So here are some of the modalities/techniques we will be using throughout the coaching container to get you the best results possible!

Human Design

We'll seamlessly integrate Human Design to shape aligned business strategies, curate personalized marketing, effortlessly steer through launches, and infuse your business with a delightful sense of joy.

Tarot Guidance

If you encounter any obstacles, we'll turn to tarot cards for guidance, uncovering flowy action steps to propel you forward

Manifestation Magic

We'll harness the power of manifestation and address limiting beliefs, propelling you to a quantum leap in your business journey.

Inner Child Work

We'll deeply explore inner child connection and reparenting to heal worthiness wounds within your business, fostering profound personal and professional growth

Somatic Work

We'll collaborate with your nervous system to cultivate a sense of safety in attracting and holding substantial wealth, empowering you to foster business growth with confidence.

Money Mindset Work

A core part will be pivotal work on your money wounds, dismantling inherited beliefs, and expanding the horizon for what is possible

Channeled Messages

Through my intuitive gifts, I'll guide you with channeled messages from your guides, the universe, and beyond, providing insights to expand and elevate your business that are tailored just for you

Feline Energy Work

Together, we'll tap into your feline energy, boosting your confidence in sales and magnetizing clients effortlessly.

Chakra Alignment for Business

We'll intricately balance your energies in business by focusing on chakras balancing & alignment (especially throat, heart, solar, and root) guiding you towards success.

Shadow Work

We’ll work through aspects such as the fear of abandonment or fear of being seen, to support your profound business growth

Marketing Magic

I'll guide you in seamlessly integrating the psychology of marketing into your business on levels you wouldn't have imagined, making business f*cking effortless.

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