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Want Ashu to share her magic about infusing  Feline Energy & Spirituality 

in Business?

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 Hire her to speak at your next event! 

Things Ashu loves talking about:

Feline Energy

[For business & life]

Ashu’s unique concept of Feline Energy is the key to unlocking the unf*ckwithable energy & skyrocket your confidence. She absolutely  loves connecting all the lessons that can be learned from the feline counterpart! 

Spirituality in Business

Ashu is an expert at integrating spiritual concepts in business to teach a new way of doing business that is not taught in regular business schools & is not driven by the forced masculine energy. This is the business strategy for new-age entrepreneurs & light leaders.

Have something specific in your mind? 
Share it in the form & we’ll let you know if that fits in! 

Under spirituality, she can also talk about things specifically like:

  • Human Design in Business

  • Chakra Work in Business

  • Channeled/Intuitive Guidance in Business

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