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Sacred Selling

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Expect to break your limiting beliefs such as → “I can’t be consistent with selling” → “I am just not good at selling or talking about my offer” → “Selling is NOT spiritual. It is something I HAVE to do” → “I have to be someone else, someone very professional for my audience to actually buy from me.” → “I don’t have a background in marketing/sales/business & so I cannot really put myself out there.” → “I am not able to show people the value of my offer.” → “Selling feels very boring & repetitive which makes me think I am annoying people with the same stuff.” → “There are so many people selling the same thing, what can I even say to differentiate myself?” 👉🏼 After these 7 days, you will be able to see → More clients coming in → People to come into your offers easily and effortlessly → Able to charge higher → Clients to not ask for discounts or leave them on read or ghost them

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