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4 Ways to Find More Time to Run Your Business

I am a student pursuing my bachelor's. I was also doing an internship in the month of June & July. I was planning a new product-based line as well. I have already prepared 1.5 months of content for that account and was also managing the production. I still had the two highest-earning months in my business during that time. The secret - time management. Here are 4 tips that I used.

Tip #1: Taking Inventory of your time

The first tip that I have for you is take inventory of your time. Whenever I used to hear the word inventory, I used to wonder, what does this mean? I could only relate to inventory in terms of products. But now that I know what it means I am here to share it with you. If you want to have control over your time or even money for that matter, you need to know where it goes. So taking inventory of your time means noting down what are you doing. You need to know where you're spending your time, how do you feel about it, and how you can improve it.

The tool I'm going to recommend to you is the forest app. For at least three days, track your time and see what you're doing on a daily basis. When I did this for myself, I never understood what did I even do in the evenings. Then I realized, if I don't know what I'm doing at that point in time, it means I need to take control of that area.

Tip #2: Time Breaking

The second tip is setting timers to reply to DMs. Now if you are a business owner on Instagram, you would know how much time we spend in the DMs. Go to Instagram, see how long do you use Instagram. I suggest people optimize your admin tasks. A way to do this is if you have a lot of DMs to cater to, create three timeslots of 10 minutes each to reply to the queries on your Instagram. Do not wait for them to reply back to you. It's okay you might have this fear that I might lose clients or maybe someone goes to someone else. That's cool. Take a deep breath. People who want to work with you will wait.

Tip #3: Templating

The third tip that I have for you is templating. Create a template for anything and everything. I will give you three examples.

Asana: The first template is for Asana. So I use Asana as my project management tool. For my clients, I have a client management system. I store all their details in Asana, including their name, location, etc. But for each client, I am not going to create a separate task and enter all those details manually. I have one template, I copy that. Every time I have a new client, I will copy it add the details. That's it.

Questions: Now, if you get a lot of questions on Instagram, and many people are asking the same types of questions, then this one is for you. There are two ways to manage it. First is quick messages. Then the other way is maybe they're asking you questions like, how to use the law of attraction? How to do XYZ, right? They're asking you questions about your niche, but you don't want to answer it in every DM. So add it in your idea bank. Then create content about it.

Graphics: So do you have to create a new post design for each post that may go on Instagram? If yes, well, we need to change that. What I have done is, I have created an entire design on Canva, which includes 11 to 15 templates. I keep editing them and I keep regulating them. So instead of creating a new post every single day, just create a template and then start editing it. It's that easy. That has helped me to create 1.5 months of content for my new product line. It's all scheduled, I don't have to do anything and it barely took me like three hours to create the entire thing. I had all my ideas planned, I just had to put them in templates.

Tip #4: Delegating

The fourth tip that I have for you is delegating. I realized that if I am going to do this business, and also create a product line that I really need help now. You need to understand that delegation actually makes you more money. You might think that editing and scheduling, only takes two minutes.

Let's say you post 3 posts/week, that's 12 posts/month. Let's say each post takes 2 minutes of editing that too if you have templates, if you don't have a template, let's say it takes 30 minutes. So two minutes of editing 10 minutes of writing a caption, 5 minutes of searching hashtags, 2 minutes of posting. All of this combined is 19 minutes for each post and you're posting 12 posts in a day. 12x19 = 3.8 hours a month. And you can save that! If you are supposed to value them in money, my one hour is worth 2000 rupees.

If I have 3 hours saved = 6000 rupees saved.

Homework ⌛

Your homework for this post is to apply step one. That's it. We'll take it slow.

Tip one, take inventory of your time, download the forest app, write it down for the next three days and then optimize from there and then you can start applying the other tips.


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