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Start Your Business

Start the business you always wanted to with SYB


Start Your Business

A 1-month long course to help you start your business on Instagram with all the moving pieces needed with no business background

Rs. 6,666 / $90.90

This is for you if...

✔ You've been wanting to start an online business 

✔ You want to start earning through Instagram

​✔ You have an idea but don't know where to start

What you get...

✔ 4 Modules

✔ 4 ebooks worth Rs. 2,000

​✔ Clear guide on how to start your business, create a content calendar, get your first clients 

A Preview...

Wanna know what all you can expect to find in this bootcamp? Check out the video to get a glimpse of what you'll learn!

Module #1

Niche +

Finding out what you want to do, letting go of limiting beliefs & getting a name for your brand.

Module #3

Aligned Clients + Marketing

How to attract clients w/ ease + Meditation for client attraction & how to fall in love with selling

Module #2

Market Research + Content

How to find out what works for your niche, doing competitor research & creating a 1 month content calendar

Module #4

Instagram + Launching

Optimizing your Instagram for sales & creating your first launch plan to bring in your first clients

⬇ This is possible for you 

Made 3,900 in a day 😱

From struggling to make 3 sales to getting sold out in 1 hour!

Got 1 Lakh in Total Revenue

Before joining the bootcamp, I had set the intention of making atleast Rs. 2,000. But after following all the easy and simple steps and doing the meditation, I earned Rs. 3,900 in just one day! Thank you soo much Ashu, you are the best!

My life changed completely by following the simple things you taught me. Last Diwali, I was struggling to make even 3 sales. But after your bootcamp, I posted and sold out within an hour!

I used to save from my business for my boyfriend and after attending your bootcamp I reached 1 lakh in total revenue! There were days with no sales at all and now I get sold out everytime I post! Thank you sooo much!

Such a Good Energy and Everyone Smiles!

Invaluable Learnings

Really Uplifting 

Before joining, I was really afraid. I had never switched on my camera at something like this before and this was the first time! I kept my fear and insecurities at bay and I am so glad I did it because of the energy and the smile on everyone's face! I am already in love with everyone and everything!

After doing this bootcamp, I have had tremendous success. Recently, I posted 10 different pendants for sale and they all got sold in less than half an hour! I have never had sales like that. And after that I even got 19 more orders to restock. Thank you so much for this , I am truly grateful.

Before joining the bootcamp, I used to be in a really bad state of mind. Even on the day of the bootcamp I was having a really bad day. I was constantly thinking, I can't do this. But after joining just one session, being in the presence of all of your high vibes uplifted me so much. Being around all those people hyped me up so much. I am so grateful for you.

Past Students

4 Free Ebooks ⬇

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If you have any questions, drop a message to us using the chat icon

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