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9 Tips on How to Ask Questions in a Tarot Reading?

Do you want to get a tarot reading but you don't know what to ask or how to ask questions in a way that the money you are paying for the reading is fully utilized? Are you afraid that you won't get the answers to the questions you really want to ask because you yourself don't know what you want?

If you said yes to anything that I have written above, this blog post is for you. I have been doing tarot readings for a while now and I see people asking all sorts of questions. Some people don't know what to ask and end up getting a negative reading. Here is the real deal,

If you don't ask the right questions, you don't get the right answers. - Edward Hodnett

Here are some examples of questions that won't get you the right answer:

"Will I get this job?" and a card comes up which interprets as no.

"Would I ever find love?" and a card comes up which interprets as no.

Does this mean you should not ask yes/no questions? No way! But there is a way to go about the tarot questions and in this blog post, I will share the type of questions you can ask your tarot reader or even while doing readings for yourself. In the end, I will share some sample questions that you can ask.

🎴Tip #1: Ask for Explanations!

Try to ask open-ended questions in tarot readings. This is because they give you an insight into what is really happening. Let's take the above example. You asked will you get this job and the answer comes no. You might be devastated because you really wanted it. But what if you are not getting this job because you are going to get another offer that is better either in salary or in the kind of work you do?

And you'll never know about it because you asked a yes/no question. So, try asking open-ended questions to get clarity about the situation.

🎴Tip #2: Ask About Yourself!

Stop asking questions like "Will he contact me?" because, okay sure you can ask that, but what if the card says no he won't contact you. What will you do then? You might get depressed and totally give up on love.

But what if, he wasn't the right one for you? Or what if there is someone else entering your life and for him to enter you need to energetically clean your space by letting go of people who don't serve you anymore?

A better question to ask would be, "When will I find love/my soulmate?"

🎴Tip #3: Don't Hesitate to Ask When Questions!

Yes, you read that right. You can always ask the tarot about when will a specific thing happen. the cards do depict timelines. But does this mean you'll have to wait till then, or that things are set in stone by someone who has control over your life? No!

You and you alone are the creator of the experiences in your life. You'd be like, "Then why are you telling me to ask when questions?"

I am doing this because it is possible! But another thing that is possible is to ask the cards what is the lesson you need to learn in order to bring this thing into your life or how am I blocking this desire from coming to reality?

🎴Tip #4: Ask Questions That You Are Ready to Hear Answers To!

A favour you can do to the tarot reader/yourself is to ask questions for which you are really ready. You might ask something along the lines of who is blocking you from achieving your goals & the tarot comes up with the answer that it is your romantic partner. You might get all angry and blame the reader & the cards.

In your heart, you might know that your partner is either toxic or not on the same level of spiritual growth that you are at. Please don't blame the reader, because they try their best to help you out.

🎴Tip #5: Health Questions: No-No

I don't like doing health readings because doctors are there for a reason love. Please go consult one! Depending on the cards to tell you when you will get well and then not taking the actions required to get you to that situation isn't going to help.

🎴Tip #6: Explain Your Situation

Okay, read this one carefully. As a tarot reader, I can tell you what the cards tell me. But not every tarot reader is a psychic. Please don't expect us to know about you without you telling us. This is building upon the previous point. When you go to a doctor, you tell them what is wrong with you. When you go to the store, you tell them what you need. When you go to the theatre, you tell them which movie you want the tickets for. Then why treat us different!

Let the tarot reader have an insight about your situation so that they can give you can accurate reading.

🎴Tip #7: It's Okay Not to Ask Questions

Now, this might sound contradictory, but keep reading. Sometimes you might not have questions. In such a situation, tell the reader about yourself, your background and ask them to pull out some cards to tell you about what you need to know. You don't need to have specific questions.

Tarot is a tool to tap into your intuition and that is how we are supposed to use it.

🎴Tip #8: Ask What You Really Want To Know

Sounds stupid? Like duh, I know that! But honestly, people don't pay attention to this one. Think of it again, do you really want to know whether Option A/B is good for you or would you rather know about what is the outcome of both the situations and choose for yourself?

🎴Tip #9: Action-Oriented

This is the way I do my tarot readings. I don't like to let people know that this is what is happening, this is what will happen and when it will happen. What is that of any use to them except for giving them hope?

At Listening Stories Untold, we do readings that give you action steps to take back home. And you should also ask questions like - "What can I do to improve my financial situation/love life?" etc.

This is the best question to ask because the tarot reader will not only tell you what you need to do but also, why you need to do. Also, I don't tell stuff like go serve 10 people or put this herb in your house. Sure, I do believe in that, but I incorporate journaling prompts, manifestation techniques, meditations, etc.

Do you want a tarot reading where you get solutions rather than confusion? Book a reading with me and let's get started! DM me on Instagram.

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