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Evening Routine

A good morning routine needs an amazing bedtime routine as well. there are a few people who stress how important it is to have a nighttime routine. A time when your body winds up and you close the day is a crucial part to set the tone for the next one. Dusk is the most beautiful time of the day where one leaves her/his worries and becomes free from the baggage. This is necessary to increase your productivity.

So what does an ideal evening routine look like?

  1. First, cut down the gadgets. Don’t stare at any screen be it your mobile phone or the television for at least 2 hours before bed.

  2. But how are you going to spend those 2 hours when you are addicted to using your phone till late at night, right? Well, we got a list of thing for you to do. Take a pen and diary and jot down the things you need to do tomorrow. In short plan the next day.

  3. Spend time with family or pets. This is time to connect with people in the real world. If you are living alone try going outside and socialize with your neighbours or kids playing the ground.

  4. Make sure you have a light dinner and that too at least 1 hour before sleeping.

  5. If you do not have a goal list, then it is time to make one now! Prepare a list of things you want to achieve and read them at night. As an alternative, you can prefer reading your daily positive affirmations. These positive mantras channelize information to your subconscious mind which works while you sleep so you might get answers on how to go about your plans to achieve your goals as well!

  6. You can start a gratitude journal where you express your thankfulness for all the tiny and the huge things that happened during the day. This helps you to increase your frequency or in simple words elevate your mood. This shifts your focus from lack to abundance thereby attracting more of it.

  7. Now that you are done with everything, lie down on your bed and review your day. Here is a list of questions you can use as prompts:

Where could you have responded in a better way?

What could you have done differently?

What are you excited about for tomorrow?

Could you have been more kind to someone?

How can you make up for these mistakes tomorrow?

Did you seize every opportunity that came by your way today?

You will realize that you will slowly drift off to sleep and wake up more energized.

If you want a personalized routine created for you, you can click the link here and contact us on Or you can text us on Instagram username: @listeningstoriesuntold


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