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How to Achieve Anything?

People think that to achieve something, you need to know some secret recipe for success. Also, it is perceived that this secret recipe is just with successful people. Honestly speaking, all of us know it.

Then how come some people are broke and some rich beyond imagination? Also, what actually is the secret to success?

For the first question:- This is because people fail to acknowledge it. They fail to understand themselves. They are too busy looking for it outside that they don’t look inside. Those who became successful either spend a lot of time improving themselves and have someone who is constantly pushing them keeping the fire alive. (Well that also includes themselves!)

For the second question:- The secret is….

  1. Imagination

  2. Self Discipline

  3. Faith

It is simple, not easy! Mel Robbins
  1. Imagination: This is one trait everyone is blessed with. But the lesser it is used the more rigid you become. So if you have been told you are not creative and all that idiotic stuff, that’s not true. You are creative, it is just a latent ability right now. You can try some techniques to revive it

This will help you to expand your perspective and think of bigger dreams, aim higher and achieve your actual potential. Note it down on a paper or a diary as written things are more powerful. Accept the fact very neutrally. E.g. I am going to weigh __ kg at ____ on _____. (Be very specific, fill in each detail and mind your language while writing the goal.) Try to focus on the abundance rather than lack. For more information regarding how to set these goals/affirmations, you can watch this video

2. Self Discipline: Till now it was simple, right? Just as easy as daydreaming. But now comes the actual step that is going to help you to make your dream a reality. Break down your goal into baby steps. E.g. Exercising for at least 15 mins for the next 10 days. A small step just to make you persistent. If you slack, punish yourself because life is just like a school but without external accountability.

Making sure you spend a major portion of your day doing things leading you towards your goals.

3. Faith: The progress you make is undone by the negative beliefs you have made about your situation, your life and most importantly yourself. So I am not advising you to stop thinking negative thoughts, I am telling you to counter them.

Whenever you think … E.g. telling yourself that you will never be able to lose weight because you have tried so many times and every time you gave in to the cravings. When you think this, tell yourself that this time you are putting more efforts and that too in a systematic manner. Counter those thoughts and when this becomes a habit it will be very easy to eradicate these beliefs. If you want to make this interesting you can take a 24-hour challenge where you monitor what you think. You will know the thought patterns and triggers.

You need unshakable belief in yourself to achieve anything, to push away the doubts and realize that you are worthy of your dream!

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