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How to deal with Jealousy and fear?

There will be many times that you will feel doubt, fear and jealousy. You will be irritated by the success of others. Just because you have not achieved what you desire and others have. At times you will feel inferior to others because of their looks and start to frown upon your beauty. But it takes time to realize that they are on their path and you are on yours.

When times like this make you feel depressed and stuck in a rut, you feel like doing nothing and also giving up on the things that you have been working on. It is very tough to realize and see through those pictures of success, the hard work of years. Everyone says success does not come overnight. But I guess it can. Because once you can conquer your mind, everything else will fall into place slowly.

Now, this is also very cliched. This is because conquering your mind is not a one-time task. One day you will feel extraordinarily motivated, but another day you might still get influenced by the other person that’s more successful than you. And the advice of counting your blessing is very impractical in the case of a person who has just started to explore his mind. Thus, in times like this, expressing gratitude might not make that person feel better.

In times like this what a person desires the most is a certainty.

The certainty of being successful in future and living the life everyone else has been living. It is just that seeing other people being successful now triggers a feeling of lack and that certainty turn into doubt. We wish for things to happen sooner.

Now it isn’t wrong to immerse yourself in the feeling of sadness for a while. Some people also teach that moving forward and attracting success in your life will happen when you start to appreciate and feel happy for the success of other people in your community. After reading this, you might try to force yourself to appreciate others. But that is not how it works. It works only if the feeling is generated from within. So instead of forcing a feeling on yourself, try to acknowledge the feeling you actually feel and give it time to complete its cycle. Feel it to its core and do justice to that feeling.

To calm those storms in your mind, force yourself to do one thing. Write.

Sit down and write in a journal about what you are feeling and appreciate yourself for feeling that. You are only human.

After that, try to write down what you want your life to look like in

  1. 1 year,

  2. 5 years and

  3. 10 years.

These are quite different timelines, but this helps you to be practical and daydream at the same time. Also, try not to limit yourself. Be bold and dream audaciously. Write down whatever comes to your mind or whatever you always wished for but are scared to do. Write what you think would make you happy. When you immerse yourself in this exercise, you’ll give out a different vibration. You’ll vibrate at a higher frequency than the frequency of lack. It will attract greater things in your life, and the best part is that it is you who is attracting these things into your life willingly.

You can start to plan how to achieve these things you wrote down if you feel like. This exercise will give you a sense of certainty you were desiring. Remember that after this, you follow your own path and appreciate yourself. When you do this, you’ll automatically start feeling happy about the success of other people because they are following their own path and you are working on yours. There is no competition because everyone’s path is different. It might be similar, but not identical. And you can also try to improve yourself by looking at how the others managed to get success in the area that is similar in your life path.

     This feeling might come back again, don't beat yourself up for it.  


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