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How to Get More Followers on Instagram?

First, it is very important to define why you want more followers and how much does more means to you? Here is an example - I was constantly saying that I want one of my reels to blow up. But I did not define what does blowing up even means. This is one activity I do with all of my clients, be it anything.

Question to Ask:

How many followers do I want?

If they say they want more engagement, I will ask them, "What does more engagement mean for you?"If they say I want more followers? What do more followers mean to you? It's very important to get clear about what is it that you actually want. More money? How much more money do you want. I am emphasizing this and giving you multiple examples so that you know that you need to apply this in all areas of your life. So when I said I want one of my reels to blow up, one of my reels went to 10,000 views. Now this was blowing up in a way, but this is not what I wanted in my head. So that is when I started questioning what does it mean for my reel to get more attraction? What would it mean in terms of views. That is when I came up with this thing that I want 100k views and 500k views. That is what blowing up would mean to me.

Question to Ask:

Why do I want that number?

Now another thing that I want you to focus on is why do you want it? Why do you want more clients? Why do you want more followers? And I want you to do a little mindset work here. Do you think that more followers will mean more sales? If yes, you need to visit my Instagram account right now and see how many times I have said this. more followers is not equal to more clients!

Yes, let's admit it. While it's true that you will have new audience, you will have more people to sell to.

If you can not sell it to the people who are currently following you, there is no way that you would be magically able to sell when you have 10k followers!

Because if you cannot sell it to 2000 people and not make a single penny, you can not make money by selling it to a lot of people. This is what I want you to keep in mind and ask yourself, why do you want more followers?

For me, I wanted more followers because I felt like I had exhausted my client base in the current audience. There were 2000 followers back then. So I thought now I need to expand. That is why I wanted 10k followers. I broke that goal up into little milestones. So from 2k I wanted 5k from 5k I wanted 7k and when I'm writing this, it's like 30th June so we are at like close to hitting 8k followers. This is what I want you to know here.

How I Jumped from 2k followers to 5k in a week?

When my reel hit this blowing up point. I got a lot of followers and this is why I'm writing a blog post about how to get more followers on Instagram. So I was stuck at 2000 followers from December 2020. I was so annoyed because there was no growth for four months! I started posting reels and I was not showing my face [I still don't]. I barely got any views, like my first reel barely had 500 views. I was like, okay, this is not working out. I had so many moments of doubt where I wanted to delete all my reels, but I did not. This is what I want you to know. Please do not delete your reels. Why? Because one of my reels that was not doing well. It hit 10k, then another reel hit 100k, then another reel had 500k. It's insane. If you don't post, there are 100% chances that it won't get the results that you want. If you do post, then there are 50-50% chances, either it will get the results you want, or it won't. At least you're creating that space for yourself to get that 50% success rate. Once you leave it out there, there are 100% chances that it will grow. But if you delete it, there is no way that your reel would get attraction because to gain attraction, it needs to be on the platform in the first place. When I was getting 100k views, 500k views, I was waking up to 100 new followers every single day. Just imagine those notifications coming up to you. How would it feel? It would feel really good, right? Thus, if you want to get more followers, I want you to ask yourself:

1. Why do you want it? 2. How many more do you want?

Tip: If you want more followers because you want more clients, try selling to your current audience!


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