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How to make your relationship work?

Along with love, trust and passion, communication is a necessity in relationships. Thomas Bilyeu, an American entrepreneur, says that communication is the key to successful relationships. It becomes the first and foremost priority to express what you feel and what you expect. At times we end up expecting some gestures from our partners which they are not aware of. When these expectations are not fulfilled, we feel disheartened and a knot starts to form in the relationship.

But do you realize that you didn’t actually tell your partner that you were expecting him to bring you flowers because you were upset and you wanted him to know that through some force which is unknown?

Your partner or anyone at all won’t know what you are feeling or what you want until and unless you express it. This does not necessarily mean that you have to speak it. You can drop hints if your partner tends to understand them.

Most of the relationships fail because of a lack of communication. There are various love languages and sometimes we tend to misunderstand our partner's expressions. The following image will help you to identify which love language you use and which your partner uses to express feelings.

You must realize that whenever you talk to your partner, there should be no distractions around. Stop looking at your phone again and again. Put it away and spend some quality time with your partner. Communicating with your partner will allow you to get to know them better. It allows you to share your feelings and feel better. Also, if there is something you want, just say it. It does feel awkward at times but it helps to strengthen the relationship!

Even after you do all this, you might feel uneasy and unsatisfied in your relationship. Is it because you do not know your partner’s love language?

There are essentially 5 types of love languages. Think of it as two people communicating. One knows English and one speaks German. Both of them would try their best to communicate but won’t make efforts to understand each other’s language. What would be the result of that? Frustration, anger, and quarrels all because of misunderstanding. Use the picture above to identify which language of love suits your partner the most and there can be a mix of a few of them as well. Then try to strengthen the relationship.

If you still feel that something is missing, probably it is your cup that is empty and you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Use this chart to find out which is your language of self-love. Fill yourself with love so that you can radiate those vibes to others. Also, always remember that

Sometimes it is more important to see how a person treats you rather than how much you like them.


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