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How to Reset & Re-Align Your Business?

This blog post has a lot of journal prompts for you, so make sure you are jotting them down.

📘 Step #1: Go Through Your Numbers

The first step for this audit is to go through your numbers, OBJECTIVELY. So, in your numbers, there are two types. Finances:

  • What were your goals?

  • What is your average revenue?

  • What gets you the most money?

  • What makes you the happiest?

If you want help with what is your average revenue, all you have to do is, add all the revenue that you have earned in the 12 months, and then divided it by 12.


  • How many followers do you have on Instagram?

  • Are they the kind of followers you want?

  • Do you feel you have reached your goal?

  • Do you think you have enough growth?

  • How many podcasts downloads do you have?

  • How many people are there on your email list?

  • If you have a website, how many website visits are you getting?

The first step in this process is all about writing down what are your numbers, objectively, You do not have to attach any meaning to your numbers.

📘 Step #2: Data + Feeling Driven Decisions

Go back to the two types of numbers, finances, and following. In finances, you wrote down what were your goals, and what is your average revenue. Now, what is the gap? See, the amount of money you are making, and see what is the gap between your goals and your current test current position. Then ask yourself, How long have you been stuck here? Have you been making the same amount of money for the past few months, and you're not hitting your goals? Do you think you need a coach to help you now? So this is a very important step because yes, while you can get to a certain position, a certain level in your business without the help of a business coach. But if you have been stuck for a long time, it means you need help. You need a coach. Okay, another question can be that you will ask in step two. So in step one, you asked yourself what makes you the happiest. In step two you will see what doesn't make you happy in your business. Remove that. Remove what is not making you happy.

Now getting back to the following numbers. In the following numbers, in step one, we asked ourselves how many followers do we have for Instagram. Do you want to increase your followers? Are you not happy with your current number of followers?

There are two ways you can go about it. This is where you're making decisions based on data. The first when we were discussing removing what doesn't make you happy, was about feeling-driven decisions. So on Instagram, you can go for collaborations with other people who are in your niche or are closely related to your niche. Do you want to stop offering something? Do you want to start offering something? Or do you want to delegate something?

📘 Homework 📘

Now your homework for this blog is to do the questions that I have mentioned, and you can come back to it every month, every six months, every quarter, every year, every three years, This is going to be your business audit.


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