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How to Say No + Set Boundaries in Your Business?

Do you get annoying people who ask you for discounts or free stuff? Let's admit it. We all get them. And it's fine to call them annoying clients. It is important to say no to clients at times and have strong boundaries in your business. I'll tell you why. I was seeing students asking me for a discount. Being a Pisces moon, I was like, I want to give more, I let them pass through the boundaries so easily just because I was also a student, I was also not able to afford stuff at a time. I realized that this is not serving me because they will eat my head off and drain me. If you have given discounts to people in the past, you would know what I'm talking about. You would know how it feels to you. give someone a discount and they constantly pester you about when is my order going to come? When are you going to do the reading?

Story Time

Stories and evidence is the best way to build new beliefs. Here's a story that will help you realize why don't need to lessen your price in personal messages. There was a student, a person, she was saving up money to join my manifestation workshop. She saved up for one month. Can you imagine that? Because if I just had to think, okay, students cannot afford my courses, and thus I should offer them discount, and then they will eat my head off, but it's okay because they're students. That's not the mindset you want to have. Real people are saving up money to buy your courses, and you are doing them a disservice by taking on any and every client even though they drain you out. I don't know who needs to read this. But if you are reading this right now and you are resonating with it, please stop offering personal discounts.

Mindset Shifts You Need

Here are some mindset shifts you can take to stop offering discounts to people.

First, you know that if you give them this service discounted. They will annoy you. You won't have enough energy to work on your business and good and actually take the actions that are going to move it forward. Second, if you take this client, you are repelling another client who might be the ideal client for you. But just because you are taking this client up for money, who is even paying you less, you are letting go of the other client was willing to pay the price that you are charging, but you have pushed them away. Because you have not created space,

How my Website Helped me to Set Boundaries?

My website has created such strong boundaries for me. First of all, it's professional. Second, they can't ask for discounts there, because they have to make the payment there. I'm going to talk more about building a website in the upcoming blog posts so make sure you come back in for that.

How to Respond to Such People?

So if someone asks for a discount, this is exactly what I said.

Here is a free resource for you. I don't offer personal discounts.

That's it. That's all I say my client to do. I told her give a robotic or an automated response to anyone who asks you for a free reading or a discounted one. Specially helping Tarot readers here because I have been a tarot reader and I know what it feels like when someone books a reading with you and they constantly nag you about when are you going to do the reading? This is what I say

Readings will be given within 48 hours from your payment.

That's all I say. If they text you in between that, you have the full luxury to not reply to that text. You can leave them on seen because you've already said that readings will be given in 48 hours. You can also create an automated reply like this and copy paste it every time that your client asks you for such a thing.

Another The thing that I want to talk about is when people are ask you to promote their stuff and your role. You really don't want to, but then they will be like, please promote this. I have had these people and what I used to do was, I used to tell them

Sure, I'll post it soon

And I don't I just don't post it. Because I don't post it, now people don't ask me because they know.


So, your homework for this blog is to ask yourself, is your drained energy worth the money? Because it's definitely not. And the truth bomb here is you might be charging less.


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