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Read This if You Ever Went Through a Breakup

We all have gone through a breakup, be it because of a romantic partner or with a friend. If you ever went through a breakup, I believe you need to know what I am going to tell you in this blog post.

A relationship that does not end well does not end at all.

When I read this quote, I was taken aback. Whenever you come into a relationship with someone (be it a romantic relationship or not) you connect to them on an energetical level. You can think of it as a cord connecting both of you. When that relationship turns sour and ends on a bad note, people usually forget (because they are not aware) to cut that energetic cord which was formed.

🌹Self-Reflection Question #1: How many people are you still tied to with that energetic cord?

Those energetic cords are still sucking out your energy, stunting your growth and affecting your present relationships. You need to break free from those attachments. What if I told you that you can have a not-so-ugly breakup? Or that breakups don't have to be bad all the time.

You would laugh at me because this idea was funny to me as well when I first got to know about it.

But the idea is surely intriguing because those who have been in a relationship know that the idea of Until Death Do Us Part is not true. You need to put in the efforts to keep a relationship going and sometimes it won't work out. Sometimes you need to step up for yourself and leave because you know you deserve better or that the dynamics of that particular relationship aren't really what you expected your ideal relationship to be like.

Also, I am also including marriages here. Divorces can be peaceful as well. This can be done through the process of Conscious Uncoupling. Using this method, you can part your ways but also create a better environment for your present relationships to thrive and if you have kids, you can ensure that they are not negatively impacted by the process.

The opposite of love is not hatred. It is indifference.

🌹Self-Reflection Question #2: Do you still hate your ex or are still bothered by what they do?

If you do, chances are that you are still energetically attached to them. Even if your day you don't care about them anymore, they still occupy a major portion of your energy via hatred. If you really want to let them stop influencing your life, you need to start being indifferent towards them. It is not necessary! You can be good friends as well. But if it involved something that hurt you, for example, they cheated on you or it was a toxic relationship, you might want to cut out that person from your life and still have the heart to wish them well.

Two possible situations & what to do in them:

1. If the relationship was good but you were not fit for each other:

In this case, if you think that you were better as friends and that things did not work out in a relationship, you might want to still stay friends after the breakup. Just make sure that you give yourself a time period where you do not talk to each other for some time right after the breakup so that you have time to analyze and fill your cup.

2. If the relationship was toxic/ your partner did something not acceptable:

In this case, you might want to cut that energetic cord totally since you would not want to be around a person who disrespected you or the relationship. But the important element here is to make sure you forgive the person and yourself. It is surely tough to forgive someone close to you who has hurt you, but understand that forgiveness is to set you free and it does not mean you are labelling their actions as right. It is just to cut that energetic cord between you two. Maybe in future, that person comes back and you see that they have changed for the better. In that situation, you can think of letting them in as a friend or giving a second chance. But you would be able to see that situation only if you have forgiven them in the first place.

🌹Self-Reflection Question #3: What are you blaming the other person for?

If you are still playing the blame game, know that you both were at fault someway or the other and it is time to let go of that connection.

⚡Activity #1: Write down about all your past relationships that still trigger you.

⚡Activity #2: Burn/ tear that sheet of paper & forgive them + yourself.

I believe I did not do justice to the topic and that is why - if you want to dive deep into the concept of conscious uncoupling, I would suggest you watch this free masterclass on Mindvalley: How to Heal Your Heart, Reclaim Your Power, and Live Happily Even After


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