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The amazing magic of “We were on a break!”

Do you feel at times that everything is falling apart and nothing lifts you up anymore? Most of the college students and the employees feel that on a daily basis. They are something like…

Sometimes it is not the big break that you need that will solve all your problems. Sometimes it is a break from your daily routine, from a relationship, from a job, from a task that you need to sort everything out. Taking a break gives you time to think and gain clarity. It allows you to explore new insights. When you resume after that break, you tend to come back a wiser person since you’ve got the fresh perspective you needed which helps you solve so many problems.

The term ‘taking a break’ has been related to such a lousy meaning that now people automatically start thinking there must be something wrong following this break. Apparently, the reality is different.

If you take a break from your daily routine and flip your life upside down, you realize whether it is the thing for you or not. Whether you like the new lifestyle or realize the previous one was better, it is always a win-win situation.

If you take a break from your relationship, well according to F.R.I.E.N.D.S., it surely does hold a different meaning altogether. But taking a break might not necessarily mean a breakup. You might end up liking someone else and dating them, or you might take time to figure out your life and working to make the most of it. Either way, you get to learn something. You get to know whether the relationship you were in was helping you grow, whether your partner was treating you right or not, etc. It can be termed as a little self-love vacay.

If you take a break from your job, you might end up broke, or you might end up giving what you always wanted to try a shot. You might even end up travelling, and travel is the best teacher afterlife! In the end, you will realize that it was meant to be, whether your shot at your passion works out or not, whether you end up with a side business or you end up in a totally different job. It all just happens to make things fall in place and help you become a better person with more knowledge.

The vital thing to take in consideration before taking a break is to know ‘why’ you are taking a break. Is it to find yourself, or is it because you are bored? Then think what you want to do during that time and set some conditions. Like if you mutually decide to take a break in a relationship, determine if you can be involved with other people or not and so on. Have clarity but do not plan your break down to every second. Let that time of your life be spontaneous and have adventures within your set boundaries.

It is not that bad to take a break, and you always have the perk of saying “We were on a break.” Just in case!


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