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If you are done .....

🤯 Feeling a pit in your stomach ever time you have post about your offers

🤯 Having a lump in your throat every time you ask people to pay for your services

🤯 Being drained out the moment you think of opening Instagram

🤯 Pulling your hair out when you have to add a Call to Action at the end of your caption because your mind just goes blank & you don’t want to be salesy…

I’m here to tell you that…

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Yes, there is a different way available.

One where selling feels like Rainbows & Sunshine 🌈
(even when no one is buying btw)

How, you ask? 🤔

Through the process of

Sacred selling Brand Logos_edited.jpg

This is where you start to see Selling as a vehicle, or a portal to help people ascend to their highest timeline. 🪽 

This is where you start seeing how spiritual the process of sales is & how selling is a
sacred ritual that helps you heal your inner child! 🫂

I made Sacred Selling a portal that stores reframes for all sorts of limiting beliefs. 

This is your instant coach who is always there for you whenever you have mental blocks holding you back from selling

Here are some examples of some limiting beliefs we will work on

🥴 “Selling is not spiritual”
🥴 “My audience does not care about what I have to offer”
🥴 “There are so many people doing the same thing”

Here’s what you can expect once you join me 👇

🍹 21+ Loaded audio trainings to dismantle your limiting beliefs around selling

🍹 Step-by-step process with action steps to help you show up!

🍹 Fun exercises to make selling a piece of cake! 🍰

🍹 NLP Mindset rewiring to make selling something you look forward to!

And I will be continuously adding to this course based on the limiting beliefs I encounter on a daily basis.

Ready to flip your sales mindset?

Want a taste of what it would be like?

Here’s what you will experience 👇

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