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5 Signs That Your Manifestation is Coming True

When you are in the process of intentionally manifesting your desires, there might be times when you see certain signs. This means your manifestation is about to come true or that you are on the right path to manifesting your desires.

🛑Sign #1: You feel calm & relaxed

When you are manifesting the right way, you tend to detach from the outcome and that makes you feel at ease no matter if you have manifested your desire or not. This not only helps you to attract your desire faster, but it also makes you feel happy with what you have right now.

🛑Sign #2: Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are basically repeating numbers such as 1111, 222, etc. It means that the universe is constantly showing you these symbols to let you know you are being supported and are on the right track! Consider them as winks from the universe every time you are on the right path.

Each number has a different meaning. If you want to dive deep into the numbers here is the Instant Guide To Angel Numbers. Also, don't get overwhelmed by the meanings of different numbers present on the internet. When you want to see the meaning of a specific number for example 555, search for it and then see the website that calls out to you. Use your intuitive muscles instead of flooding yourself with information.

🛑Sign #3: Chaos & Stagnation

If you are feeling that things are not really working or that there is a lot of crazy stuff happening in your life, you can think of it as a test of faith to see that if you are really ready to uplevel. Every time you are manifesting something, you are moving to another level (just like in a video game). To move to another level, you need to learn the lessons from your past.

If you are going through this phase, you can move past it! Use the Manifest Money with Ease Masterclass to manifest money in 48 hours to build your faith in yourself

🛑Sign #4: Things/People Cutting off

When you try to manifest something there might be times that things are moving away from you. This happens because as I said in the previous point, you uplevel every time you manifest something. When you up-level, people and things of the lower energy would either try to bring you down or your vibes would push them away (if they decide not to uplevel with you). You can think of it as the universe creating space for things in your life energetically.

🛑Sign #5: Synchronicities

When I wanted to manifest knowing the name of my spirit guide, things aligned in perfect order. It almost seemed surreal. The name Jessica came to me in ways I couldn't even think of. Here is a little part from my journal to help you what synchronicities are:

Day 1 - "Yesterday I sent out a request to know the name of my spirit guide and I don't know what are the odds of this but in the audio-book by Gabby - she repeated the name Jessica 2 times. I still am not sure so I am going to wait for some more time."

Day 2 - "I was editing my podcast and realized that my first interview opportunity was given to me by a person named Jessica and later on I also interviewed another coach named Jessica." Even after this, I was not ready to believe because I was letting my conscious mind intervene and doubt the process.

Day 3 - "I interviewed a wonderful Intuitive Coach and at the end of the interview, I told her about my encounters with the name Jessica. She told me to believe in it. The interview went awesome and I went to my sister's room. I usually annoy her by copying her cartoon character's lines and while mindlessly copying them I said "Ayooo Jessica". I realized that this was it and I was shocked!"

Do you see how perfectly aligned the situations were for me to receive my manifestation? The signs might be different for each person and I would love to know what things do you start to witness when you are about to manifest. Also, know that it is not necessary to see signs before manifesting.

To have things perfectly align for you, you need a vision for yourself. If you always wanted to experiment with vision boards but had a lot of questions, then the Vision Board Masterclass is for you! You get 30-minute audio + a video tutorial on how to make a digital vision board!


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