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Top 9 Law of Attraction Myths You Need to Know About

Law of Attraction (LoA) is an awesome thing to know about. It is just like the Law of Gravity. It exists even when you don't know about it but when you have the proper knowledge, you can utilize it properly.

Law of Attraction sparks a lot of controversies and doubts about its existence. Since I have seen it work for me, I am going to bust some myths about the Law of Attraction in this blog post. I made this list from the messages I received and the questions people generally ask!

After reading this blog post, you'll be like...

1. Law of Attraction Doesn't Work for Everyone

This is the most common statement you will come across. Let me clarify this one for you, THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE! It is like saying the Law of Gravity doesn't work for me.

You are always manifesting. You end up saying the Law of Attraction doesn't work for me when you are not able to attract the actual situation you desire. If you keep getting all the bad things in life, as harsh as it sounds, guess what?


The reason why you end up manifesting all the negative stuff even when you are trying very hard to practise Law of Attraction is because of your subconscious beliefs and emotions. You will get an in-depth view of this topic as you keep reading.

2. LoA is Magic

There are so many people who consider the Law of Attraction as magic. I won't deny the statement but it is not the whole truth. There are many scientific ways you can explain the working of LoA which will make it less woo-woo for you.

When you use LoA, you are told to focus on your desired in the completed form. When you focus on one thought removing all the doubts and negative emotions, your pre-frontal cortex in the brain starts to focus on the thought as well. It will help you spot the opportunities that are available to you.

Remember, these were already available to you. Just because you couldn't clear the fog from your mind, you were not able to see them. Then people call it a miracle! (Not that I don't like the word)

Your subconscious mind has the ability to program itself and you can do it via affirmations (more on that later). The emotions you feel have more impact on your body than you can imagine.

If you want to know more about the power of thought, search for "Dr Emoto's Water Experiment." Thank me later!

3. You Cannot Manifest Multiple Things at Once

This is a very funny one but the doubts around this are justified. One sentence can clear all the doubts around this statement.

You are already manifesting multiple things at once. You are creating your reality at this very moment. Your reality consists of so many elements at the same time.

Similarly, you can manifest multiple things at once. The reason why manifesting one thing at a time is suggested is because, if you are a beginner, it is better to start small and build your faith. If you are already into manifesting, focusing on one thing helps you to give more energy to one thing instead of having your energy dispersed all over.

You can surely manifest multiple things at once, but it is advised that you focus your thoughts around one desire for some time. Do it the way you feel like!

4. You Need to Learn LoA

You might think that you need to learn LoA in order to practise it. Honestly, you are already using it every single second! The knowledge of LoA will only allow you to be conscious of your creation process.

LoA, if talking spiritually, is something you are already aware of. You already knew about it when you were a kid but then the pressures and traumas you go through tend to seep into your subconscious, reprogramming your mind.

So, you don't have to put in a lot of effort to make LoA work for you. You just need to be aware of your co-creation powers and then use them consciously to create your reality.

5. LoA is selfish

Many people think that using LoA will make you a selfish person because you are trying to manifest things for your own good. In simple words, yes you are manifesting things that you really want. What matters is the annotation you attach to the word selfish.

Being selfish is not a bad thing. At times there is nothing you can do to help other people, for example, if someone is going through a divorce, you might be able to support them verbally, but in the end there is nothing you can do about it. Or is there something you can do?

Gabby Bernstein explains that being your best self and living your truth is one thing you can always do for others. It will always inspire people and help you to bring light into their lives.

Practising LoA is a journey of shifting your mindset and breaking free from the limiting beliefs to live your dream life. If this is selfish, I'd be more than happy to be it!

6. Repeating Affirmations Mindlessly Can Help You Manifest

Affirmation is an amazing tool for manifesting. It helps to reprogram your beliefs in the subconscious mind. But merely repetition of some sentences isn't going to get you 10,000 dollars!

The sentences are like 20% of the manifestation process. 50% is the emotion you feel and 30% is the image/movie you play in your head.

I hope you now realize that if you keep repeating "I am abundant." nothing will change. You need to feel the emotions you would experience when you are actually abundant and imagine what the situation would look like.

7. Negative Thoughts are Dangerous

Once you know that your thoughts create your reality and that everything you think of can come true, you are bound to freak out! Now let me clarify this myth for your with the help of an example.

Why is it that you dream of living a posh life in a big beach house with the most expensive car hasn't manifested yet if all thoughts are bound to manifest?

It is because much more goes into the manifestation process. You would love the feeling of that day-dream but you would not believe in your ability to live that kind of life.

In case, of negative thoughts, your emotion is very strong. For example emotion of fear. When you worry, you strengthen all parts of the manifestation by visualizing, affirming and feeling the situation which might not be desired, but you are putting your focus on it.

The good thing is, your thoughts don't manifest quickly. There is a time lag between your thoughts and manifestation. It is like the universe giving you the option to confirm your selection of thoughts. Are you sure you want to have this?

If you keep focusing your thoughts on negativity, you send out the message that yes, this is what I want. And then you get it!

So, don't fear your negative thoughts. Don't judge them. Instead, forgive yourself and your thoughts. Then choose again!

8. You Just Need to Think About Your Desires - LoA is for Lazy People

This is a funny one. But many people believe in it because they only know the tip of the iceberg and think of LoA as magic. It's not their fault. LoA has been pictured like that for publicity reasons because that makes a profit.

When you practise LoA, it doesn't mean you don't need to take action. Without action, you cannot manifest anything.

When you try to manifest a specific thing, you get in tune with your intuition and then receive divine guidance (if this is too woo-woo for you, refer to the scientific n explanation in Myth 2). That is known as aligned/inspired action.

Whenever you get that idea, you are supposed to act on it. Everyone who takes action consistently can reach their goals, using LoA just makes the process fun and fast.

9. You Need to do a Specific Thing to Make LoA Work

There are so many techniques of LoA that you might get overwhelmed. You are not supposed to practise all of them!

No technique will work unless you consciously try to change your beliefs and mindset.

Desire + Faith/Deservability + Action = Manifestation

Use the LoA technique that resonates with you and then doesn't get swayed but all the other techniques. Try out all of them and stick to what feels right.

LoA is always working and you just need to take control of the co-creation process!

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