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Reasons why Law of Attraction is not working and how to make it!

People try to manifest huge things into their life using the Law of Attraction but then when they do not get them, they trash it down and tell people it doesn’t work. If you disagree with the Law of Gravity, does it stop working? It doesn’t. Similarly, you are continually manifesting things into your life, be it positive or negative. Using it intentionally allows you to bring in favourable events in your life.

But why is it that there are so many manifestations and Law of Attraction coaches out there and that people trying it themselves often do not get the things they desire. What are they doing wrong that these coaches help to overcome?

The list is pretty long. It includes changing your mindset, creating belief and dissolving pain bodies. The truth is that most of the people only practice the Law of Attraction partially. There are many aspects to it which are ignored, and people end up thinking that they are doing the right stuff, but it just doesn’t work.

There are 4 elements in the process of Law of Attraction. Most of us are only doing half of it and are unable to create balance. Those 4 elements are:

1. Heavenly Luck

This includes your meditation or prayer practise that enables you to connect to the universe or spirit guides (if you believe in them.) Meditation has been characterized as an act of sitting still and focusing on your breath which kind of gets boring for most of the people.

It is not just limited to that. It can be different for everyone; dancing can be your meditation too. It is just about the thing that makes you forget everything else and helps you focus on the present.

2. Human Luck

This is where visualization, affirmations, reprogramming your subconscious comes in. Most of the people focus on this aspect heavily but to get the results, there has to be a balance between every element. Since connecting with your higher self is all about alignment, the manifestation is too about alignment. Even though almost everyone practises this, they still end up doing it wrong.

How often do you connect to your inner child? Do you do the things mentioned above forcefully or do you really enjoy doing them?

The answer to these questions will automatically give you the reasons why you are not manifesting.

3. Earth Luck

This is also known as the art of Feng Shui, which is prevalent in Chinese culture. It means that your environment affects your aura field and directly affects your abundance. Many people forget this aspect.

The colors around you and the objects around you in specific places hinder your process of manifesting.

If you don’t know much about Feng Shui refer to this blog post: All you need to know about Feng Shui to change your life!

4. The Law of Action

It is all about taking action. Some people totally let go off this part and try to manifest things with the help of the heavenly luck. They try to attract things into their life without making any effort on their part or people make too many efforts and end up being also attached to the goal.

Law of Attraction is all about being balanced and aligned. All of the elements of the Law of Attraction need equivalent attention. If you want to manifest something, try to detach from the outcome in a balanced way. This means, try to feel as if you already have it and try not to five out the vibe that you are in lack of it.

For example, you want to manifest $20,000. Then think of all the things you would do with that money and how would you best utilize it. Then let go off that desire and put in the effort to try to make money by adding value to the lives of people. Keep doing your meditation practice, keep expressing your gratitude for little things and bigger ones too.

Don’t get frustrated if it does not happen soon. The universe chooses divine timing for everything. Keep your faith intact and have fun manifesting your desires!


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