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The two ultimate tips to become rich quickly!

Robert T. Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad said that ‘Rich do not work for money. Money works for them.’ This is absolutely true and there are so many ways to prove it. The rationale that I am about to provide you with has lessons within themselves.

There might be times when you work so hard and end up getting nothing. This is because no amount of effort can make up for your lack of alignment with your inner self and purpose. If you work solely for the motive of earning money and you think that working hard enough will get you money, you won’t be rich any soon. Even if you do get money, it won’t stay with you for a long time. Why?

1. Create value

This was best explained in the book Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann where it is explained how one should work on creating value for other people and giving them an unforgettable experience with whatsoever you are selling them. It also says that your financial abundance depends on the number of people you serve and the timing depends upon how quickly you serve value to those people. Thus, if you are working for money, your approach is wrong. Money surely is a motivator for most of the people who don’t like the work they are doing, but they tend to lead miserable lives by constantly complaining about how they hate their job.

“What you resist, you fuel.”

2. Get in alignment

If you keep loathing, you keep repeating a lower vibration and universe corresponds to your level of vibration. What you can try to do is, first accept the situation. By acceptance I do not mean defeat. It is just that you must accept that you are in a job you don’t like, but you can surely put in loving efforts instead of efforts filled with disgust. When your aim is to give people something that adds on to their life in a positive way, money is bound to be a by-product. You can surely motivate yourself thinking that you will get some money from this job and be grateful for that amount of money however less it might be. This will cause you to develop a good relationship with money and it will start flowing into your life in surprising ways.

Also, thinking about money all the time is like being attached to the outcome of manifestation, if you believe in the law of attraction. The number one thing to make your manifestations come true is to detach from what you want and work in the present moment. If you become too obsessed over the wish to have more money, you end up sending the information to the universe that right now you are in the state of lack. This state then further keeps multiplying and showing up in your life.

Hence, to make money work for you as it does for the rich people, start adding value to the lives of other people by doing the job you have at hand to the fullest potential.

If you want to dive deep in the secrets of success and getting rich fast, you can read the book Go-Giver which is available in the PDF version online as well. The crux of the book can be found in the picture below.

Remember that everyone is trying to get rich but to have abundance, you need to give people with something that makes their life better!


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