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Business Owner's Journey

Stage 1: Starting a Business


(5 week) Start Your Business

SYB is a 5 week long group coaching program designed to help you launch your business on IG, 

Stage 2: Planning Your Business Goals


PMER Masterclass

Learn how to set business goals, create marketing plans, evaluate & re-align your plans with PMER

Stage 3: Content Creation & Batching


Batch Your Content

BYC helps you become your own social media manager using *free* scheduling tools & strategies for IG


Reel Your Way to More Sales

This reels course teaches you the strategy I used to create & batch reels + use them to generate sales

Stage 4: Client Attraction


7 Day Client Attraction 

Learn how to attract clients, create a 7-day launch plan + connect more with your audience

Stage 5: Upscaling 


Website Package

If you are struggling to manage your orders & clients, it's time you get a website. Start planning today

Stage 6: The 100k Months


Quantum Leap Workshop

A 2-hour masterclass with 2 meditations and a journal prompt ebook to help you quantum leap

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